Nothing suspicious found at De Ridderhof shopping center in Alphen a/d Rijn after 112 report | Inland

After an investigation, “no suspicious circumstances” were found, the police said in the evening. It was not disclosed what exactly the report was. A spokeswoman declined to comment further. The police are investigating who made the report.

Agents in bulletproof vests and a police helicopter were deployed for hours in and around the shopping center. “Police take reports of potential threats extremely seriously, so an extensive investigation was carried out,” said a statement.

Shops are open as usual

Previously, chairman of the shopkeepers’ association Robert Grootenhuijs did not have the idea “that something serious is going on.” He said that conspicuous and inconspicuous police cars are under and around the mall. “They don’t walk through the mall,” he said, referring to the officers gathered. According to him, the police are alone. No people are arrested or stopped. “No one is checked.” The mall was open until 9pm.

Grootenhuijs did not know exactly what the report meant. “They didn’t let us know either. But you don’t do that when someone calls because they have sweaty feet. It must have had something to do with what happened eleven years ago.”

Tristan van der Vlis

The shopping center was cleaned up 11 years ago on April 9, 2011 by a shooting in which Tristan van der Vlist shot six people and injured dozens. “Of course you think about that for a while, but then there was real panic,” said a lady who was shopping. “I did get a call with ‘come home’, so go ahead.”

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