Pending the start of the 2021/22 preseason with AS Roma, Jose Mourinho is analyzing UEFA Euro 2020 with TalkSport. Already The Special One He had to review, of course, the surprise elimination of France at the hands of Switzerland.

The Portuguese coach spoke about the direction of Didier Deschamps. He thinks that the great mistake of the coach of the French team was to remove Antoine Griezmann at minute 89, as if there was no possibility that the definition went to extra time.

That adjustment was a very big gamble. And after the goal on the hour of the Swiss, and the subsequent injury of Karim Benzema, the French were left with no chances of liquidating in the overtime.

With The Gringuito In the extra half hour, the multi-champion DT believes that, even with Switzerland’s great collective game, France would have had a better chance of getting among the top 8 teams in the competition.


“I think Deschamps made a mistake, something that I have thought about many times. When you are in a match where there is a possibility of overtime, you have to be very careful about the changes you make. When you make a change at minute 89 and you take out one of your best players, Antoine Griezmann, who was playing very well. And you take out Griezmann for Sissoko. If it’s a game without overtime, that’s fine. But when there is a possibility of overtime, making a change like that is a very big gamble. Because if you make that change and they tie you at minute 91 or 92, you go into overtime and you will have shot yourself because you left Griezmann out of overtime. And then in overtime you have the unfortunate situation of Benzema getting injured or feeling something, and you lose both of your TOP attackers ”.

“During overtime, there was never a feeling that France could win it. They no longer had the power to do so. I think at that point, Deschamps knows he made a mistake, which is something that can happen to all of us. Experience helps us. And I think that when you have the open possibility of extra time, you don’t take out one of your best players. “

Undefeated data. France has not won a European Championship since 2000. More than two decades of drought. They have been 5 consecutive editions without achieving the goal.

Did you know…? Antoine Griezmann adds 38 goals and 21 assists in 95 games with the French National Team. Legend of your country.