Not only mattress and pillow but also the best time to make the bed would help you sleep well according to science

We all want to sleep well, but we don’t always succeed. Yet there are simple rules that can give us a wonderful sleep. Even the good choice of a mattress and a pillow can help a lot.

An important and at the same time much neglected aspect is what happens in the evening. The sun sets and the lights come on in the house. The fact that there is light available keeps us awake for several more hours. You do something, watch TV or see something on your mobile.

Meanwhile, the evening lights deceive our brains. The brain is used to reacting to nightfall and the natural decrease in sunlight. If the light goes down outside and the artificial light turns on in the house, this is what happens. The brain recognizes that light as part of the day. Then it does not prepare the body for sleep.

Then when we are tired we will turn off the lights and it will get dark immediately, the body will not be ready to fall asleep. We will then begin to have problems falling asleep. Today it is difficult to follow natural rhythms. But you can help your body fall asleep by turning off the lights a little earlier. A little relaxation can be done to help the body have restful sleep.

Not only mattress and pillow but also the best time to make the bed would help you sleep well according to science

It might sound strange but experts help us sleep well by explaining a few things. Just as there are mattresses and pillows that are more suited to our bodies and our way of sleeping. There would also be a more appropriate time of day to make the bed.

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According to prof. Stephen Pretlove, of Kingston University School of Architecture, has a good time to make the bed. The problem is bed mites. These small animals invisible to the naked eye create discomfort to health. They bring allergies and are not the ideal presence for asthmatics.

In each bed there are about 1.5 million, so much so that a washing of pillowcases and sheets from 60 degrees is recommended. Mites feed on dead hair and scales of skin, which fall from our body. For this they are found between the sheets. It is not enough to shake the sheets for them to go away.

They love the humid air, the one created in bed, but they hate dry air. The latter is created just when we leave the sheets in the air. So it will seem strange, but to get rid of the mites from the bed, it would be better not to do it again right away. The bed already made creates that humid microclimate that the mites like.

Rather, it would be advisable to wait until the evening before going to sleep to put the bed back in place. There will be more chances of having less mite-free sheets than with a classic bed made in the morning. A different way to sleep well. In fact, not only mattress and pillow but also making the bed is important for a good sleep.


Few believe it but two simple and beautiful tricks could be enough to sleep well

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