Not just for dogs! When to barf your cat

What is a proper diet for cats? Opinions about the best food for kitties often differ. A nutritional strategy originally developed for dogs in the USA is also becoming increasingly popular in this country: BARF.

“BARF” stands for “bones and raw food”. In German, the translation “biologically appropriate raw feed” has also prevailed. When barf is Fisch, meat and Co. fed exclusively raw. What are the pros and cons? And what do you have to consider as a cat owner if you want to barf your cat?

BARF allows for more accurate rationing

Barf-See advocates fresh meat as the most natural form of nutrition for cats. It is important that their digestive system has hardly changed as a result of domestication, which is why a domestic cat’s food should have a similar proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and the like as a wild cat’s prey.

The advantages of BARF are therefore obvious. Who his cat only with raw Fischmeat and vegetables usually knows exactly which ingredients the feed contains and that it is free of preservatives and flavor enhancers. Another advantage of BARF for cats is that no food intolerances can occur.

In addition, fresh food always ends up in the bowl, which still has all the vitamins and minerals contains. “Barfer” report positive effects of the change in diet, the cat has shinier fur or better-groomed teeth.

Risk of infection and risk of misfeeding

But even if BARF is considered species-appropriate, there are some risks that you have to be aware of. First of all, if you want to switch your cat’s diet to raw feeding, you should obtain detailed information beforehand and, if possible, consult an animal nutrition expert or veterinarian. Because if you proceed “by feel”, your furry darling could do more harm than good.

A common mistake is the wrong dosage of nutrients. As carnivores, cats have a high protein requirement. But an oversupply can damage the liver and kidneys. It helps to have your cat’s blood levels checked regularly.

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In addition, it is important to know What foods can cats tolerate?. For example, raw pork is dangerous for cats because it can contain the causative agents of the so-called Aujeszky’s disease. This is a viral infection that is usually fatal in cats. Generally increases in raw Fisch and meat that Risk of parasites and pathogens. BARF is not necessarily a good idea, especially for young or old cats.

With BARF, pets are only fed raw meat and no pre-cooked products. Photo:

As a cat owner, you should also be clear about a few questions in advance. barf takes clear more time consuming than feeding with finished products. You have to create a feeding plan, buy individual components and prepare the rations.

Many veterinarians advise against BARF, mainly due to the risk of infection when consuming raw meat. Recently, a study showed that BARF can be a health risk for dogs.



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