‘Not he, but we wanted Today Inside departure Paul de Leeuw’

Paul de Leeuw announced last week that he no longer wants to join Today Inside after the infamous candle riot. But according to Johan Derksen, the fork is different. It is not Paul de Leeuw who himself chose to leave the high-profile program. It was just the editors of Today Inside which aimed for a termination of the cooperation.

That’s what reporter Jordi Versteegden says in the entertainment update of The Telegraph† According to him, Johan Derksen listened with surprise to the words of Paul de Leeuw. He said in the podcast This will never get better van Roos Schlikker that he “wanted nothing more to do with the program.”

Paul de Leeuw thanks for visiting Today Inside

Both Schlikker and De Leeuw were previously table ladies and gentlemen Today Inside† But because of Johan Derksen’s controversial candle story, they now thank them for visiting the VI-studio.

De Leeuw explained in the podcast why he stopped Today Inside† “I had already stopped a little earlier, because I thought: I believe I am entering a quagmire of opinions, into which I am being drawn. What I don’t want.” He cited the role of Steven Brunswijk, who sat at the table in the controversial episode and got a lot over it. “And then you suddenly have to defend and apologize all of a sudden,” says De Leeuw.

According to De Leeuw, it was “exciting” to VI to join, also because of his orientation. “Sometimes I thought: what are they saying? Then I wanted to contradict that, but that was not the intention. ‘Opinions are opinions’.” Despite the fuss, the presenter still watches the program. “I still have fun with those guys. Only, I don’t want anything to do with it anymore. I don’t want to distance myself from it.”

Johan Derksen about De Leeuw: ‘Bland’

According to Derksen, the situation is slightly different. It was not De Leeuw, but the editors of the program, so that Paul de Leeuw can no longer be seen in Today Inside† “Because we no longer thought he fit the program,” reporter Versteegden summarizes Johan Derksen’s words.

Derksen thinks Paul de Leeuw is ‘bland’. “Because he said in the podcast that he is not allowed to give his opinion,” says Versteegden. According to Johan Derksen, none of that is true. “He certainly can.”

Criticism of Paul de Leeuw after statements about Today Inside: ‘Was once part of the riots’

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