“Not going well” – black day for the DSV-Adler

After the DSV-Adler disappointed in the individual competition on Saturday, they had to convince as a team on Sunday. That didn’t really work – especially since Karl Geiger also fell.

The German ski jumpers showed solid results in the individual competition in Bischofshofen on Saturday. However, none of the DSV eagles around Karl Geiger could convince. Severin Freund fell in the first run, Markus Eisenbichler was even disqualified. On Sunday the ski jumpers had to prove themselves together in the team challenge.

Eisenbichler, Geiger, Constantin Schmid and Andreas Wellinger formed the quartet for Germany. A total of eight nations competed. The DSV-Adler could not convince, seemed flat. So it was only sixth in the end. The Austrians won ahead of Japan and Norway.

Wellinger fails in the first round

Constantin Schmid was the first German jumper to compete. He reached 124.5 meters and placed fifth behind Poland, Slovenia, Japan and the leading Austrians. The Norwegian team was able to leave Schmid behind for now. Schmid on ARD: “I didn’t quite succeed and too little pull forward. When landing, it’s blunt, you have to be prepared for it.”

Peter Prevc wanted to put the Slovenes in the lead as second. He also managed a decent distance at 136 meters, but then fell and was visibly upset. He was still fine, but the plan didn’t work out. The Norwegians also weakened, so Andreas Wellinger had good prerequisites. But: He made a mistake, did not make a good distance (123 meters) and the German team came in sixth. The gap to the leading Austrians was already 27.5 points at this point.

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Geiger falls – Germany knocked off

Eisenbichler made 132.5 meters, but he could not improve the placement either. At least the gap to Austria shrank by seven points to 20. It didn’t get better: Although Karl Geiger made 131 meters in the fourth jump for Germany, he fell after landing, got up and shrugged his shoulders.

In the second run it started again with Constantin Schmid. The 124.5 meters were impressive, but an improvement to the Slovenians in fifth place did not succeed. Likewise with Andreas Wellinger. With a width of 129 meters, the DSV-Adler can be satisfied, delivered better than in the first round. However, there was no improvement in the team rank.

“It wasn’t because of Eisenbichler”

Wellinger on ARD afterwards: “The second was definitely better. Overall, it didn’t go smoothly, we weren’t satisfied. It went stupid for Karl, he’ll surely learn from it.”

Markus Eisenbichler showed a nice final jump. He completed the best competition of the DSV-Adler, so it was enough for 132.5 meters with a beautiful telemark. Dieter Thoma on ARD: “It wasn’t because of Eisenbichler today.” Eisenbichler: “Today was a decent performance for me.” After a long time on the road, the jumpers still have some time in their respective homeland until they continue on January 17th in Zakopane. Eisenbichler honestly says: “I’m already a bit fed up, it’s nice to come home again.”

Karl Geiger also delivered his last jump properly. The DSV team came in sixth. A placement that would not have changed without the fall of Karl Geiger. Austria took the victory. National coach Stefan Horngacher summed up: “Markus did very well. But it just didn’t go smoothly. We’ve been on the road for 14 days now and we’re out of breath.”

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