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Manufacturer’s photo.

The ceremonial launch of the production of the restyled LADA Vesta took place on February 22. Then it seemed that just a couple of weeks more – and the plant in Izhevsk would produce only such cars. But a few days later, a Russian special operation began in Ukraine, after which many logistics chains were interrupted.

During the three-week corporate vacation, the management of the auto giant managed to create a certain stock of components, so that the new LADA Vesta will begin to settle down on the Izhevsk conveyor. Moreover, the word “settle down” is perhaps the most correct, since out of 1023 cars that the plant plans to assemble by the end of this week, only 56 will be restyled.

It is logical to assume that some part will be sent for journalistic tests, and the rest will be distributed to the most successful dealers. As representatives of one of the car dealerships told the AvtoVzglyad portal, there is no talk of starting sales yet. But those who want to be the first to “grab” the long-awaited “restyle” have already lined up.

Manufacturer’s photo.

Recall that after the update, most of the body hardware remained the same, except that a new trunk lid appeared at the back. We also note fully LED optics (lights and headlights), as well as a more aggressive body kit.

So far, AVTOVAZ has declassified only the appearance of the novelty, but they promise to show the interior a little later. Moreover, it cannot be ruled out that medium and top-end configurations will receive a redesigned interior, while the basic ones will cost the old version.


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