Avangard head coach Bob Hartley shared his thoughts after the defeat to Dynamo Moscow (2: 5) in the KHL championship match.

– Congratulations to Dynamo. They showed good hockey, played great.

If we talk about us, the first period was spent well. In the second segment, the opponent caught us. We fell a little out of the tempo of the game, and in the third, we were two goals behind and had to recoup.

We gave the opponent the opportunity to play 2v1, they played good combinations, and we had to pay a high price for this. We were defeated.

They include many talented players, Vadim Shipachev alone is worth something. I think he was the best player on the ice today.

– It’s no secret that Shipachev is a backbone player at Dynamo, and this season he proved himself to be a real goal scorer in the first home series. Why didn’t they keep him? There was no visible guardianship, he had enough space.

– We have a lot of new players. Much still needs to be taught, and for their part they still have a lot to learn and comprehend.

This is a definite process that takes a lot of time. We knew that there would be such a period. And something may not go the way we want.

What we have seen is hockey that is absolutely not typical for Avangard. This is not our hockey. But at the same time it was quite predictable.

– Before the starting throw-in there was an unusual episode in the match, the referees drove up to the bench. What was wrong?

– There is a new rule that the lines in the application must correspond to who you put on the ice for the starting throw-in.

But for the second match in a row there is a feeling that the opponent is releasing the wrong guys. I had to talk to the judges, but the impression was that the judges did not hear about it, – said Hartley.

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