“Not all your money is going to help you”: the alleged threat of the CJNG against “Fofo” Márquez

TikTok screenshot: @fofomarquezofficial

“Cute” Marquezthe controversial influencer and tiktoker who “closed” the circulation of the Matute Remus Bridge, located in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, was allegedly threatened by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Through the facebook accountPeople with the NG people”, alleged members of the cartel of the four letters expressed their disgust at the actions of the tiktoker and threatened to “lift him up” if he sets foot in Guadalajara again.

“How about all the people of Guadalajara, we are from the CJNG, as many know or are aware, the influencer or scum called Fofo Márquez dared to close the circulation of the Matute Remus Bridge, which is an act that we will not tolerate, much less We’ll let any asshole like this come along and do this kind of thing. We are the ones who rule in Jalisco and all of Mexico, ”he referred to in part of the message.

And to you Fofo we will only tell you to be careful because we will not let you come to Guadalajara believing that you can do whatever you want, here in Jalisco Mr. ‘Mencho’ rules, if we see you again in Guadalajara we will pick you up and there Yes not all your money you have will help you”, concluded the text.

The alleged threat of the CJNG against "Solution" Márquez (Photo: Facebook / People with the people NG)
The alleged threat of the CJNG against “Fofo” Márquez (Photo: Facebook / People with the NG people)

“Cute” Marquez is an heir millionaire of Mexico that became popular on social media for showcasing her eccentric lifewasting money on luxury cars, trips, clubs and women.

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Yet like never before provoked the anger of other users when he bragged through his account TikTok What “closed” the circulation of the Matute Remus Bridgelocated in the city of GuadalajaraJalisco, and everything to be able to record special content.

And it is that in the video clip, where he is seen as a co-driver in a luxury car while other vehicles of the same range accompany him in his action, he boasted of having the money and power to do so.

“Well, we’re going to close. I’m going to dance, do tik toks; So, well, so they can see again what money can do here in Mexico”

TikTok: @fofomarquezofficial Fofo" Marquez Guadalajara Screenshot
TikTok: @fofomarquezoofficial Fofo” Marquez Guadalajara Screenshot

As if that were not enough, in another shot already outside the car and in the middle of the bridge, he explained that the people who were upset by his action were recording it:

“People are very annoying there recording me. Sir, don’t record me, I’m a public figure […] They must understand that the king of Mexico has arrived. It is not arrogance”, he expressed smiling and proud of himself.

As expected, the claims against him were immediate. One of them was from the former PAN president Felipe Calderon (2006-2012), who referred to this on his Twitter account: “What is this? The law should apply equally to rich and poor. Its lack of application breaks the Rule of Law and leads the country to chaos and destruction”.

“When you don’t work at certain levels of life you have to do whatever it takes to feel that you exist in the world”, “Affect hundreds… or thousands, just to show that you have money… And in networks actions of these they make him be an influencer”, “And if we stop making p*ndej* people famous?”, “A lot of money, little brain”, was read in other comments on the same platform.

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