Not all games can be seen on free TV

The fans have to adapt. The most important games of the European football championship, which has been postponed by a year, are running again on ARD and ZDF – but with Telekom, a completely different provider is broadcasting for the first time at a major tournament.

? Who shows what?
41 of 51 European Championship games are again on public television. ARD begins with the opening game in Rome and shows 21 games. ZDF broadcasts 20 matches and ends the tournament with the final in London. The games of the German national team also run in the first and second. Telekom is the only broadcaster to show all 51 games live via the “MagentaTV” service, including ten exclusively, such as France versus Portugal.

? Why is Telekom allowed to broadcast?
The background is a complicated deal. In October 2019, the Bonn-based telecommunications company surprisingly secured the complete media rights for the EM 2024 in Germany from the European Football Union UEFA. Telekom later shared these rights with ARD / ZDF in an extensive contract and in return received broadcasting licenses for all matches at the EM this year and the World Cup next year.

? What does that cost the fan?
Whoever is not one of the four million or so “MagentaTV” customers has to pay. The offer can be booked over the Internet, which, according to Telekom, costs ten euros per month in the cheapest option.

? How many people are watching?
A European Football Championship brings the TV broadcasters absolute top ratings. The end of the German national team at the last European Championship was the most successful TV show of 2016: 29.85 million TV viewers saw the semi-final defeat against France. Even games without a DFB team attract crowds in front of the TV at an EM, so five years ago 18.99 million France watched against Iceland.

? Who is commenting?
Florian Nass is the first to comment on the opening game on June 11th. For the 53-year-old football reporter from ARD, it is the first time he has played at an EM. Naß replaces Steffen Simon at ARD, who plans and organizes the entire EM for the first. The ARD commentator team also includes Gerd Gottlob and Tom Bartels. At ZDF, as at the EM in France, Béla Réthy, Oliver Schmidt, Martin Schneider and Claudia Neumann are working as live reporters. The Telekom commentators include Marco Hagemann, who otherwise works for RTL and DAZN, and Wolff Fuss from Sky.

? What are the special features?
The corona pandemic is also having an impact on the scheduling of the commentators. “Based on the current status, I assume that we will not be in London and Glasgow,” said ZDF sports director Thomas Fuhrmann. “If the quarantine conditions do not change, we have to comment from the studio.” At the moment, travelers after a stay in the virus variant area Great Britain have to go into a 14-day quarantine on their return to Germany, which is also not shortened by a corona test can be.

? Who is moderating?
There are new moderators at ARD and ZDF: The couples Matthias Opdenhövel and Mehmet Scholl as well as Oliver Welke and Oliver Kahn are no longer in action. Alexander Bommes moderates the first, and Jessy Wellmer and ex-world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger also form an EM duo. At the second, Katrin Müller-Hohenstein and Jochen Breyer are responsible for moderation. Telekom bought Johannes B. Kerner, who otherwise works for ZDF, for the moderation. Lennert Brinkhoff (ARD) and Sven Voss (ZDF) report from the quarters of the German team; Telekom relies on Anett Sattler in Herzogenaurach.

? Which experts are in use?
All broadcasters have committed celebrities. ARD’s experts include newcomer Kevin-Prince Boateng, national goalkeeper Almuth Schult and U21 national trainer Stefan Kuntz, as well as Lutz Wagner for rule issues. ZDF relies on Per Mertesacker, Christoph Kramer, Sandro Wagner, Peter Hyballa and referee Manuel Gräfe. The Telekom signed the former national players Michael Ballack and Fredi Bobic. The referee expert is Patrick Ittrich.

The schedule with broadcast dates:

Friday June 11th (opening game)

9 p.m .: (Group A) Turkey – Italy / Rome (ARD, MagentaTV)

Saturday June 12th

3 p.m .: (A) Wales – Switzerland / Baku (MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (B) Denmark – Finland / Copenhagen (ZDF, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (B) Belgium – Russia / St. Petersburg (ZDF, MagentaTV)

Sunday June 13th

3 p.m .: (D) England – Croatia / London (ARD, MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (C) Austria – North Macedonia / Bucharest (ARD, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (C) Netherlands – Ukraine / Amsterdam (ARD, MagentaTV)

Monday June 14th

3 p.m .: (D) Scotland – Czech Republic / Glasgow (MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (E) Poland – Slovakia / St. Petersburg (ARD, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (E) Spain – Sweden / Seville (ZDF, MagentaTV)

Tuesday June 15th

6 p.m .: (F) Hungary – Portugal / Budapest (ZDF, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (B) France – Germany / Munich (ZDF, MagentaTV)

Wednesday June 16

3 p.m .: (B) Finland – Russia / St. Petersburg (MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (A) Turkey – Wales / Baku (ARD, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (A) Italy – Switzerland / Rome (ARD, MagentaTV)

Thursday June 17th

3 p.m .: (C) Ukraine – North Macedonia / Bucharest (ZDF, MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (B) Denmark – Belgium / Copenhagen (ZDF, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (C) Netherlands – Austria / Amsterdam (ZDF, MagentaTV)

Friday June 18th

3 p.m .: (E) Sweden – Slovakia / St. Petersburg (MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (D) Croatia – Czech Republic / Glasgow (ZDF, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (D) England – Scotland / London (ZDF, MagentaTV)

Saturday 19th June

3 p.m .: (F) Hungary – France / Budapest (ARD, MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (B) Portugal – Germany / Munich (ARD, MagentaTV)

9 pm: (E) Spain – Poland / Seville (ARD, MagentaTV)

Sunday June 20th

6 p.m .: (A) Switzerland – Turkey / Baku (ZDF, MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (A) Italy – Wales / Rome (ZDF, MagentaTV)

Monday June 21st

6 p.m .: (C) North Macedonia – Netherlands / Amsterdam (ARD, MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (C) Ukraine – Austria / Bucharest (ARD, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (B) Russia – Denmark / Copenhagen (ARD, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (B) Finland – Belgium / St. Petersburg (ARD, MagentaTV)

Tuesday June 22nd

9 p.m .: (D) Croatia – Scotland / Glasgow (ARD, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (D) Czech Republic – England / London (ARD, MagentaTV)

Wednesday June 23rd

6 p.m .: (E) Slovakia – Spain / Seville (ZDF, MagentaTV)

6 p.m .: (E) Sweden – Poland / St. Petersburg (ZDF, MagentaTV)

9 p.m .: (F) Portugal – France / Budapest (MagentaTV)

9 pm: (B) Germany – Hungary / Munich (ZDF, MagentaTV)

Round of 16

Saturday, June 26th to Tuesday, June 29th, 6pm and 9pm

(ARD five games, ZDF three games, all games on MagentaTV)

Quarter finals

Friday, July 2, 2021 and Saturday, July 3, 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. respectively

(Prefix right: ZDF, all games on MagentaTV)


Tuesday, July 6th and Wednesday, July 7th, at 9 p.m. each time

(Prefix right: ARD, both games on MagentaTV)


Sunday, July 11th, 9 p.m., (live on ZDF and MagentaTV)

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