North Korea, in the discourse under the name of Kim Yeo-jung, “consistently strong response”…  Notice of additional launches

North Korea, in the discourse under the name of Kim Yeo-jung, “consistently strong response”… Notice of additional launches

Kim Yeo-jung, Vice Minister of the Workers’ Party of Korea, presented the position on the 4th that the United Nations Security Council’s discussion of North Korea’s launch of a military reconnaissance satellite as an exclusive agenda was “an insult and distortion of the spirit of the United Nations Charter.”

On the 4th, Vice Minister Kim, the younger brother of Chairman Kim Jong-un, <조선중앙통신>In a statement released through , he said, “I am very displeased that the Security Council is taking issue with North Korea’s exercise of its sovereign rights as the United States does.”

He emphasized that the Security Council’s sanctions against North Korea were unfairly applied, saying, “We have never acknowledged illegal sanctions resolutions, and this position will never change even if they are imposed a hundred times a thousand times in the future.”

He also insisted, “If you think that this imbalanced situation, where one side suffers unilaterally and the other side collectively clings and applies pressure, it is a mistake to think that it will last forever.”

He urged other countries not to side with the United States, saying, “There are many ways in the world to glorify one’s national prestige and ensure security without siding with the United States, and in fact there are not a few such independent countries.”

Vice Minister Kim said that the launch of military reconnaissance satellites would continue, saying, “We will consistently and strongly respond until the United States and its followers feel bored and admit that their choice was wrong, and we will continue to do what we need to do.” I will go,” he predicted.

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Along with this, North Korea protested against the adoption of a resolution by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) condemning North Korea’s missile launch for the first time in history, and put forward its position that it may not notify the IMO in advance even if it launches a satellite in the future.

<조선중앙통신>“As much as the International Maritime Organization responded by adopting an anti-Republican ‘resolution’ to prior notice of our satellite launch, we will consider this an official statement of the organization’s position that our prior notice is no longer necessary.” revealed

“In the future, the International Maritime Organization will have to take measures on its own for the duration of the satellite launch and the drop point of the carrier,” he said. .

The news agency criticized the IMO by asking, “If debris from satellite carrier rockets launched by North Korea poses a threat to maritime safety, will debris from rockets launched by the US or South Korea not fall into the sea and float in the sky like cotton?”

‘International Affairs Critic Kim Myeong-cheol’, who wrote this article, called the IMO “a department within the White House rather than a specialized agency of the United Nations” and criticized it as “completely politicized.”

On the 31st of last month, North Korea launched a space launch vehicle, claiming it was a military reconnaissance satellite, but it failed to fly properly and crashed into the West Sea.

The IMO adopted a resolution for the first time condemning North Korea’s missile launch at its headquarters in London, England, shortly after North Korea launched a provocation of a military reconnaissance satellite.

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On the 2nd (local time), the Security Council held an open meeting on North Korea’s non-proliferation issue at its headquarters in New York, but failed to agree on an official response due to opposition from China and Russia.

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