North Bend murder suspect forced woman to transport him to the Midwest

District Attorney R. Paul Frasier released the following images of the criminal activity suspect in North Bend, Oregon.

NORTH BEND, Pray. – A man suspected of the murder of his own father and two other people in Coos County, forced a woman to transport him more than 2,000 to Wisconsin, where he turned himself in to police, North authorities reported in a statement. Bend.

Authorities in North Bend were notified early Sunday that Oen Evan Nicholson peacefully surrendered to authorities in Milwaukee, but did not provide further details.

On Sunday afternoon, Springfield police said Nicholson approached Laura Johnson, 34 years after her age, as she was returning to her car after going to lunch on Friday and forced her to drive him into her car.

Johnson was not injured and was able to return to Oregon, according to a statement by authorities.

Coos County District Attorney General Paul Frasier said Nicholson is believed to be the son of Charles Nicholson, a man found dead Friday in a mobile home on the Mill Casino RV park.

Frasier said he believes Nicholson was also behind the wheel of a truck that struck Anthony and Linda Oyster, a 70-year-old couple from Florida.

Experts reported that the driver of the van went to an establishment and killed Jennifer Davidson, 47 years old. At this time there are still questions about the connection between the victims.

“Why he turned himself in and things like that, but we know he turned himself in and there were no incidents or problems stopping him,” Frasier said.

North Bend police said they found the crashed and burned van in Lane County. Witnesses reported seeing the suspect in the woods with a gun.

Nicholson is charged with first degree murder, attempted second degree murder, stalking and failure to fulfill the responsibilities of a driver.

Nicholson is expected to appear in Wisconsin court in the next few days. He would then start the extradition process to return the suspect to Oregon.