“My son was approached by a pedophile two years ago. Claymore, mother of a 15-year-old teenager, like other parents, was driven by fate to take action to track down pedophiles. As France Bleu reports, they are now 37 to be part of Team Eunomie, a group of fathers and mothers, living in Seine-Maritime or in the Eure, determined to trap sexual predators who could attack them. younger.

The mother therefore created a fake Facebook profile, that of a 12 and a half year old girl passionate about manga, as France Bleu explains. Quickly, malicious adults came to speak to him. A thirty-something sends him particularly explicit messages, others go so far as to send him photos. “It’s hard sometimes, though,” Claymore explains, “I can’t even imagine the trauma it must be for a little girl. “On a screenshot, we can notably read the obscene propositions of an individual who insists on what he thinks is a schoolgirl:” You’ll see, sex is too good. “

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418 pedophiles identified

For them, it is a question of never being part of the provocation and of collecting as much information as possible. The founder of Team Eunomie explains, according to France Bleu, having identified 418 pedophiles across France. And, in concrete terms, the team is preparing to send around fifty complete files to the courts, made up of identity cards, photos and screenshots of unequivocal conversations. “The gendarmes I had on the phone for one of the last files we filed told me that it was going to save them a lot of time,” he confirms.

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The radio reminds that this type of practice is frequent abroad, in particular in the United Kingdom, where citizens often collaborate with the police. Team Eunomie, for its part, also works in prevention and hopes, from the start of the school year, to be able to intervene in schools, colleges and high schools to warn the youngest against predators who could notably approach them on social networks.

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