And it did not end there, since the message published on the social network by Espert also says: “The Kirchnerist drugged apes do not know what linguistic monstrosity they will celebrate.”

The economist accompanied his message with a publication from the Télam agency announcing a program of activities devised by the Identidad Marrón collective.

This group of activists, descendants of indigenous people, will carry out a series of events to “make structural racism visible.”

Espert’s post on Twitter generated wide rejection in the social network. However, some users came out to support the comment of the candidate who is running as the first candidate for deputy for the province of Buenos Aires with the Avanza Libertad front.

It is not the first time that Espert expresses himself in this way. In 2014, he had written a similar message on Twitter: “Hold out on Columbus Day. Stamina Colon. It will be all the psychopathic misrepresentations that make of October 12 “.

The government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner cIn 2010, the name Día de la Raza was changed to the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity through decree 1584.

In the recitals, it was argued that it is thus given “a meaning commensurate with the value assigned by our National Constitution and various human rights treaties and declarations to the ethnic and cultural diversity of all peoples.”

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