Normal cold viruses could protect against infection

Stuffed nose and sore throat – a stubborn cold is usually part of it in winter. But that is exactly what could help in the fight against the corona virus.

the essentials in brief

  • The number of new infections with the corona virus is increasing daily.
  • But normal cold viruses also make the rounds in winter.
  • According to a new study, that’s not all that bad.

The corona virus continues to keep the world in suspense. Because of the new Omicron variant, the number of new infections remains high. A study from Great Britain now gives hope in the fight against the virus.

Like every year, when temperatures drop, many end up in bed with a cold. But it is precisely these viruses that could be of great importance in the event of a Covid 19 infection. This is the conclusion reached by the researchers at Imperial College in London.

Your study, published in the journal “Nature Communications”, shows that people are less likely to get corona after a cold.

The so-called T cells are decisive for this. With these, our immune system fights infected cells and prevents a virus from spreading in our body.

After a cold, some of these T cells can remain in us as “memory aids”. This means that in the event of a later Covid 19 infection, they support the defense function of our immune system.

Have you already had a cold this winter?

However, the scientists warn that these data should not be overinterpreted. “It would be a great mistake to believe that anyone who recently had a cold is protected against Covid-19.” A vaccination still offers the greatest protection against a severe course, they emphasize.

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