NORMA will add these special offers to its range on Wednesday (22 June).


NORMA will add these special offers to its range on Wednesday (22 June).


NORMA – at NORMA there will be super practical items for the warm summer time on Wednesday (June 22nd).

This week the aluminum fly screen “Ultraslim” for 19,99 Euro, a magnetic mosquito net for 14,99 Euro and a mini cooler for 49.99 instead of 99.90 euros in the shelves.

Other great deals include the cordless lawn mower for 199 Euroa trampoline for 149 instead of 299.99 euros and a shoe cabinet for 39,99 Euro.

You can find all the details in our sliders.

NORMA offers on Wednesday (22.6.)

NORMA hat on Wednesday (22.6.) again really good offers in the assortment.

Who does not know it? You want to let the cool evening air into the house and the first mosquito is already in the room.

Fortunately, NORMA has the “Ultraslim” aluminum fly screen for 19,99 Euro and a magnetic mosquito net for 14,99 Euro.

More offers:

Even more highlights:

Price Off on Wednesday (22.6.)

In addition, NORMA on Wednesday (22.6.) many reduced drinks, snacks and hygiene products on the shelves.

For example, there’s currently Pepsi for 0.79 instead of 0.99 eurosPizza Ristorante for 1.79 instead of 2.89 euros and all Nivea products 20% cheaper.

More offers:

  • cheese slices
    for 1.49 instead of 2.49 euros
  • Party Box Color-Rado
    for 3.99 euros instead of 4.49 euros
  • Bio-Bouillon
    for 3,79 Euro
  • organic sugar
    for 2,99 Euro
  • Sausage specialties
    for 1.79 instead of 2.29 euros
  • Riesenwassermelone
    for 6,66 Euro
  • early potatoes
    for 6,99 Euro
  • Capri-Sun fruit juice drink
    for 2.79 instead of 3.29 euros

Even more highlights:

  • Nivea products
    20% cheaper
  • Tanning Oil
    for 5,45 Euro
  • sunscreen milk
    for 5,45 Euro
  • toothpaste
    for 1.49 instead of 1.95 euros
  • 2021 Camasella Primitivo Puglia IGT Rosé
    for 2,99 Euro
  • 2021 Riesling-Rivaner
    for 2,59 Euro
  • Fine old brandy
    for 6.49 euros for 7.49
  • 2 cases of Premium Pilsner
    for 19.60 instead of 29.20 euros
  • herbal liqueur
    for 5.99 instead of 6.49 euros

The green highlight on Wednesday (22.6.)

If you like it green, you should definitely am Wednesday (22.6.) stop by at NORMA, because Hahnenkamm is waiting for you there 2,99 Euro and a calla for 5,99 Euro.

More offers:

Offers on Wednesday (22.6.)

In addition to pretty plants, NORMA am Wednesday (22.6.) practical household items.

Among other things, a mini evaporative cooler “Smart Chill” for 49.99 instead of 99.90 euros and a shoe cabinet for 39,99 Euro.

More offers:

Weekend special from Friday (24.6.)


To the weekend special at NORMA from Friday (24.6.) there will be many treats and practical household items at super low prices.

All weekend bargains can be found here.

What more do you want? Now only you are asked! Visit the next one quickly NORMA branch near youbecause these and many more Offers is really only available while stocks last.

All offers in the brochure:


You can also get more information at All you have to do is select your desired branch and you will see all the offers.

*All prices are in euros and include the statutory VAT. Errors due to writing, programming and data transmission errors are reserved. No pick-up guarantee! If the article is not available in our branch, you can order it directly in the branch within 2 days of the above-mentioned start of advertising, without any obligation to buy. It cannot be ruled out that you will unexpectedly and exceptionally not find individual items in a branch at the beginning of the promotion. We’re here to help. For more information on the availability of our promotional items, go to this side.

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