Norma Lizbeth, a student victim of bullying, died from a blow to the head

Norma Lizbeth, a student victim of bullying, died from a blow to the head

Norma Lizbeth Ramos, under 14 years of age and a student at the Official Secondary School 0518 in Teotihuacán, State of Mexico, died from a blow to the head.

The Regional Subdirectorate for Basic Education of the Ministry of Education explained that the injury occurred after the beatings that Norma Lizbeth received from one of her classmates who was harassing her.

reported that the fight took place on February 21, out of High School before entering classes in the afternoon shift.

That same day, after the fight, the two students were brought before the school principal. Subsequently, various measures were taken to address the problem.

“The school authority summoned the parents, who determined that the minors would carry out school activities at a distancein a period of reflection from February 22 to March 21”.

In addition, the school would provide facilities for the students to take the exams scheduled from March 6 to 10.

He said that it was also agreed that the payment for the injuries derived from the fight would be solved for each of the families.

“It is important to mention that the deceased student did not appear at the campus on March 6, her tutor informed the school that she had had a faint and go to the doctor; However, from Tuesday, March 7 to Friday, March 10, he took his exams at school without a setback,” specified the Regional Subdirectorate for Basic Education.

He added that the Monday March 13, the tutor of Norma Lizbeth informed the Secondary that the minor had died at the Teotihuacán Health Center.

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head injury

“In the death certificate it was established that the reason was head trauma; For this reason, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico opened an investigation folder.

On March 14, the director of the High School 0518 in Teotihuacán reported what happened to the school supervisor.

“In compliance with the protocols for the prevention, detection and care of bullying in the State of Mexico, the pertinent actions will be carried out to address the case in accordance with the regulations.”

He pointed out that the educational authorities are integrating the chronology of events, as well as the evidence of the actions of the school authorities to establish responsibilities.

Simultaneously, the Council for School Coexistence (CONVIVE) will provide support in the implementation of intervention strategies with members of the school community, in terms of prevention and awareness.

Norma Lizbeth was constantly violated

Alma, Norma’s older sister, recounted that it was common for her sister to be abused at school, and that on February 21 the bully challenged her and she decided to go to put an end to the abuse.

“She went to the place because she did not want to be mocked anymore, and that is why she agreed to go to the place where the events occurred. They always put my sister aside, the other classmates, the men too”.

The sister also pointed out that they will carry out all the necessary actions to have justice for the death of Norma.

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