Nord bei Nordwest – Andy next door from July 13th, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. – ORF-TVthek

Mi. 13.07.2022

North by Northwest – The Andy next door

North by Northwest – The Andy next door

(Kriminalfilm, DEU 2022)
In Schwanitz, there is a lot of excitement: a local was murdered and the victim’s unsuspecting foster son, Andy Brose, seems to be the perpetrator. Now the full instinct of part-time policeman Hauke ​​Jacobs (Hinnerk Schönemann) and his colleague Hannah (Jana Klinge) is required. Thrilling new episode!

You can rely on the Schwanitzer Andy Brose! The technically talented man in his late thirties, who has retained his childlike disposition, is always there when something needs to be repaired. Hauke ​​and Hannah also benefit from his help. When Andy’s foster father Cem Brose is found shot dead, Andy becomes a suspect. Hauke ​​and Hannah feverishly begin to investigate and realize that the death of the former treasure hunter could be related to a stolen diamond. Andy is believed to be innocent, but he’s gone now.
With Hinnerk Schönemann (Hauke ​​Jacobs), Jana Klinge (Hannah Wagner), Marleen Lohse (Jule Christiansen), Christoph Franken (Andy Brose), Vedat Erincin (Cem Brose), Cem Ali Gültekin (Mehmet Ösker), Stephan A. Tölle (Mr Töteberg), Regine Hentschel (Ms. Bleckmann), Joshy Peters (Martin Puttkammer) and others
Director: Nina Wolfrum

ca. 88′
(Audio film in stereo two-channel sound technology: German / German with photo description)
Year: 2022
(Wh. in the night program, ORF2)

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