Non-Aligned Summit: Mr. Hilale calls for collective reflection to address post-Covid-19 challenges

Non-Aligned Summit: Mr. Hilale calls for collective reflection to address post-Covid-19 challenges

Non-Aligned Summit: Mr. Hilale calls for collective reflection to address post-Covid-19 challenges

Thursday, March 2, 2023 at 09:10 PM

DNES: Abdellah Alaoui.

Baku – Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN, Omar Hilale, called on Thursday in Baku to stimulate collective reflection within the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in order to respond to urgent post-Covid challenges -19, and to make them an opportunity to lay the foundations of a new, fairer and more equitable world order.

In his speech at the NAM summit being held in Azerbaijan, the diplomat noted that “the post-Covid-19 phase is characterized by many urgent challenges related to issues of health, energy, food and disparities between countries and within societies in the context of the recovery of the world economy after a crisis that lasted more than two years”.

“It has become imperative for us, as the largest gathering of states after the United Nations, to stimulate collective reflection within our movement in order to meet these challenges and to elevate them into an opportunity to lay the foundations for a new order. more just and equitable world,” he said, noting that this world order must be based on a pragmatic and realistic results-based approach that puts the needs of the world’s population at the center of concerns, away from sterile ideological conflicts.

In Mr. Hilale’s view, the Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the fragility of the multilateral system and its low effectiveness in the face of this unprecedented challenge in terms of global impact and consequences.

While this crisis required the intensification of constructive international cooperation, synergy and solidarity, countries chose a closed approach and prioritized their national interest, which contributed to increasing the fragility of joint international action. and weaken the role of international organizations, he noted.

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And to underline that more than three years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the international community is facing a decisive moment which calls on humanity to give the best to respond to the profound challenges and successive transformations relating to questions of food and energy security, climate change and disruption of supply chains.

The diplomat recalled, in this sense, that HM King Mohammed VI highlighted these challenges in the speech addressed to the 26th session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Edinburgh.

In this speech, His Majesty the King indicated that “in the logical sequence of successive reports on the climate, one thing is now obvious to all: the darkest scenarios portray the bitter reality of a humanity called upon to choose between perilous temptation to abandon oneself to a self-destructive letting go and the sincere and determined will to engage without delay in practical measures capable of inducing a real change in the current paradigm which has proved ineffective”, noted Mr. Hilale.

The African continent is the most affected by the repercussions of the difficult economic situation linked to the geopolitical crisis facing the world, the diplomat noted, noting that Africa bears the greatest burden due to high food prices and energy, hence the need to stimulate the search for practical solutions through integrated development initiatives capable of improving the continent’s capacity to withstand current and future economic shocks.

At a time when some saw this crisis as an opportunity to rebuild the multilateral system on new foundations, geopolitical developments have changed the international scene because of their interconnection with strategic and vital issues for world populations, namely health, energy, food and economic security,” continued Mr. Hilale.

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Morocco considers that this critical step challenges the Non-Aligned Movement on its role and its ability to formulate new approaches that would make it a platform for action capable of meeting current and future challenges, through mechanisms that benefit everyone, especially vulnerable groups, the diplomat stressed.

Mr. Hilale described the holding of the first summit of the Contact Group on Covid-19 as a tangible achievement for the Non-Aligned Movement, which demonstrates the capacity of the NAM to adapt to the emergence of new challenges at the beginning of this century.

On this occasion, the diplomat expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Republic of Azerbaijan for this initiative, which has achieved concrete results in monitoring the needs of the countries of the movement for vaccines, medicines and other basic medical supplies.

“The convening of this meeting constitutes an opportunity to formulate horizontal approaches capable of producing realistic and pragmatic solutions to the security crises in its global concept and of elaborating a global vision capable of providing the necessary answers to the serious challenges facing the world. cope,” he said.

The work of the NAM Contact Group Summit opened on Thursday with the participation of Morocco.

The Moroccan delegation, led by Mr. Hilale, includes, in particular, the Moroccan Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Adil Embarch, the Director of the United Nations and International Organizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad. , Radouane El Husseini, and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Abdelkrim Meziane Belfkih.

Azerbaijan holds the rotating presidency of the NAM, a coalition made up of 120 countries and considered the second largest gathering of states after the United Nations.

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Morocco is one of the founders of this body, whose objective is to defend a new perspective in international relations based on the strengthening of solidarity, synergy between member states and the intensification of their cooperation.



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