Noise reduction is now available at all prices from Sennheiser. Audio specialist announces CX Plus True Wireless. A model identical to the CX True Wireless, but which is proud to fill one of the absences of its elder without inflating the price too much.

CX Plus True wireless headphones

CX Plus True wireless headphones // Source: Sennheiser

We loved the CX True Wireless, a Sennheiser wireless headphone model released during the summer. An almost perfect product for its price, which ultimately only lacked active noise reduction. It is now done with the arrival of the CX Plus True Wireless unveiled by Sennheiser.

Headphones identical to their predecessors

At first glance, they are exactly the same. With one difference: the Sennheiser logo is silver and stands out better on each earbud. By comparing the new box with that of the CX True Wireless, nothing lets perceive the difference. You have to remove the earpiece from its space to see that the connectors for recharging are not the same from one model to another.

However, on closer inspection, we can see that the CX Plus are slightly more compact and thinner than the CXs. Positioned in the ear, it is felt a little more. The newcomers “force” less for the small pavilions in which they are positioned and are more pleasant. Four sets of silicone tips are provided and help to dampen outside noise.

CX Plus True wireless headphones rely on ANC

CX Plus True wireless headphones rely on ANC // Source: Sennheiser

The CX Plus now have two microphones to optimize voice capture and ensure that telephone conversations or exchanges with compatible voice assistants are optimal. But mostly they now feature Active Noise Reduction (ANC), a big change from the recently released CXs.

Great care for audio quality

Sennheiser promises that they are backed by the same superior audio quality compared to the market, enabled by the in-house TrueResponse transducer. This acoustic system reproduces high-fidelity stereo sound, with deep bass and detailed highs, which we had already blown away on the CXs.

The addition of the ANC will make it possible to really attenuate ambient noise to be even more immersed in his music and enjoy the clean sound offered. Adding the function Transparent Hearing leaves the possibility of being in contact with the surrounding world without removing its Bluetooth headphones. Positioned at the entry level at Sennheiser, the CX Plus thus rely on high-end assets in addition to relying on German know-how in terms of sound quality.

CX Plus True wireless headphones

CX Plus True wireless headphones // Source: Sennheiser

Like their predecessors, the CX Plus True Wireless have touch controls on each earpiece. They are also customizable with one or more presses to start or stop the music, go to the next or previous song, take calls, activate transparency mode, launch voice assistants, etc. The Smart Control app allows you to configure everything. You can also use the built-in equalizer (EQ) to customize the sound as well, or rely on the Bass Boost preset.

Slightly less autonomy

And to add to the functionality, Smart Pause can be activated to detect if you have taken off your earbuds and pause automatically, then play music again as soon as you put the earbud back to your ear.

Each earpiece, right or left, can be used independently. A nice little extra when you want to keep an ear on the environment. And the headphones activate as soon as they are taken out of the charging case or automatically stop as soon as they are put back in. Sennheiser promises an autonomy of up to 24 hours of listening, counting the recharges of the case. This is a little less than the 27 hours advertised for CXs, but they were exempt from ANC.

The CX Plus connect via Bluetooth 5.2 and are compatible with AAC, SBC, aptX and even aptX Adaptive codecs to improve audio quality while offering low latency. This will be especially perfect for videos.

CX Plus True Wireless pricing and availability

The new headphones from Sennheiser will be available in white or black from September 28 at a price of 159.90 euros. It is 30 euros more than the CX True Wireless to take advantage of the ANC.