Noelia Pompa is concerned about the economic situation in Argentina

When two people talk face to face you can feel the gestures, the reflections and the tones. The looks and the voices complement the rest. Through WhatsApp everything is more difficult, cold and distant. However, the dialogue that TN Show with Noelia Pompa it was very close. The kilometers of distance between the Argentina and Spainperhaps, they made the ballerina try to be as close to your audience possible.

After the success of his reappearance in reality Italia’s Got Talentthe two-time champion Dancing talked with TN Show and assured that he does not forget Argentina or of the difficult economic situation What’s up. “I feel pain for my country.”he expressed.

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What Noelia Pompa said about Argentina

Installed in Spain since 2016, Noelia Pompa has Argentina in her thoughts. Upon consultation of TN Show about how he saw the current economic situation of the country, the artist was moved.

“I feel deep sorrow for my country. Also for the world and for how we are living these troubled times. I hope things get better”, he hoped.

Pompa is aware of the impact that her participation in the television show had Italia’s Got Talentin which the jury was shocked with almost perfect performancenext to the dancer Ivan Anrriquez.

“We are surprised by the repercussion in Argentina. they move me the beautiful messages that they left in our networks, in the portals and in the programs”, he commented.

Regarding the cycle, he said that “The invitation was a surprise”, but that he feels there was something more, related to his roots. “To have found traces of my italian ancestors and they just call me from there. I felt causalities in everything. It was exciting”, she completed.

How strange Noelia Pompa from Argentina

Although the distance between Argentina and Spain is great, Noelia said that she always “has close” to her loved ones because “now it is easier”. Video calls and Zoom they make the kilometers not noticeable. However, there are situations and people that the dancer would prefer to be around. “Very soon I would love to give my mother a hugfor example”, he graphed.

Noelia Pompa, on a tour of the streets of Madrid.  (Photo: Instagram/@noeliapompaofficial)
Noelia Pompa, on a tour of the streets of Madrid. (Photo: Instagram/@noeliapompaofficial)

Then, he listed several of the usual things in Argentina that he misses the most: “A barbecue with friends and family, to mine, the hug, sharing timewatch my nephews grow up”.

Despite all this, in Spain, Noelia is living her best moment. From the looks of it, she is far from thinking of a return to the land she was born in. “Here I hope that life continues to surprise me. I’m happy. I feel like I always find something I like to do,” she added.

The dancer dazzled with her skill.

With regard to love, Pompa has been in a relationship since 2017 with a chef from Madrid named David and whom he met when she worked on the play The Hole. “It is true that I do not like to tell much (about private life), but, long live love, che!”he exclaimed to TN Show.

Noelia Pompa seeks to conquer more European countries with her dance

The future looks bright for Pompa. The international viewing that being in the Italian reality show meant for him is very important, since that program multiplies in many European countries. One of those that has a franchise is Spain. The artist told TN Show who summoned her from there. “It is for a few months, so we will see if it can be done by dates because we really want”, he predicted.

Noelia Pompa enjoys life in Spain.  (Photo: Instagram/@noeliapompaofficial)
Noelia Pompa enjoys life in Spain. (Photo: Instagram/@noeliapompaofficial)

He also detailed that finished recording the second season of the series Paradise. Noelia had already participated in the first, personifying a villain. The production began filming in 2019, but with the coronavirus pandemic everything ran away.

“Getting into acting is something I’ve wanted for some time, and when the proposal of Paradisewith a great director such as Fernando Molina, I was very excited”, he explained.

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Faced with the future of work, Pompa is expectant. On a couple of occasions, during the talk, she anticipated that a jump to the theater in another European country is coming: “There is a beautiful project for Switzerland”. A new conquest in sight?

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