Surprisingly, Xiaomi has started distributing the Android 13-based MIUI 13.1. The beta version is a kind of interim update before Android 13 will end up in its final form as MIUI 14 on the manufacturer’s cell phones.


Xiaomi brings MIUI 13.1 to the first phones

After initial information about Xiaomi’s upcoming MIUI 14, the Chinese manufacturer has now started to equip some of its phones with MIUI 13.1. That’s remarkable since MIUI 13.1 is based on Android 13, which is not scheduled to be released until September 2022. However, several important limitations remain.

Xiaomi is reportedly distributing the interim update only in China. Some Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro owners already have access to MIUI 13.1 there. The download can be initiated in the manufacturer’s home market via the MIUI Downloader for Android. It is currently unknown which features of Android 13 made it into the update.

Previously, it was assumed that Xiaomi would distribute MIUI 13.5 as an interim update, very similar to MIUI 12.5. It is to be expected that the update that has now appeared will only Reserved for the manufacturer’s top models will be (source: Xiaomiui). With a provision for other cell phones from Xiaomi – or sub-brands such as Redmi and Poco – is not likely.

Here’s what you should know about Android 13:

Xiaomi: Android 13 by the end of the year?

Xiaomi could present Android 13 just like Android 12 before the end of the year for their own phones and tablets. With a worldwide distribution is only over the coming year to reckon with. A list shows which Xiaomi phones could get Android 13.

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Smartphones from the manufacturer currently still Android 11 installed shouldn’t get Android 13 anymore. However, there will probably still be new functions for them via the MIUI interface.