Nobody bought NFT from a Corvette Z06 that came with real Corvette

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 included in the auction had a Z07 package and carbon wheels.

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 included in the auction had a Z07 package and carbon wheels.
Image: Chevrolet.

The NFT of a Corvette Z06 that Chevrolet attempted to auction received a total of zero bids during a period of four days that the auction lasted, from June 20 to 24. This was the first attempt to Chevy to enter the market of non-fungible tokens, but not even a Corvette Z06 2023 from real life, which was included in the auction, was able to make it sell is NFT.

The auction was for a “unique curated NFT artwork” of the upcoming Corvette Z06, courtesy of artist xsullo. What made it unique was mainly the painting.a “Minted Green” del autoand Chevrolet even stated that it would not use the color for any production models of the 2023 Corvette Z06. Guess now Minted Green could end up as a real option for those who buy a Z06, ya that the NFT auction of Corvette it was a failure.

Image for article titled No one bought the NFT of a Corvette Z06 even though it came with a real Corvette

Image: Chevrolet.

We could blame the failure of the auction to Chevrolet’s strange choice to only accept offers in Ethereum coins, a cryptocurrency with a value that at one point reached 4.800 dollars. Sin embargo, sthorn Corvette Bloggerthe value of Ethereum was 1.$160 by coin when bids were opened for the NFT of Corvette, and the offer had started at 206 ETH. That put the initial price of the NFT at 238.$960which is much more than 90.000 dollars which is expected to be the price ofthe actual 2023 Corvette Z06.

So even though the real life Corvette it came with the NFT had exclusive paint, a Z07 performance package, carbon wheels and a cheesy commemorative plaque, the price for “possess the color” was still too high.

The host of the auction, SuperRareclaimed that some people missed out on bidding due to “NFT.NYC madness,” a cryptocurrency conference (OMG…)where, according to reports, some people contracted COVID-19. SuperRare extended the auction for 24 hours after it first closed with zero bids, and again, closed for the second time with zero offers.

Chevrolet called the experience “educational” in a statement to Chevrolet Blogger. And this lukewarm, or rather ice-cold, reception of the auction only in Corvette Z06 cryptocurrencies could be a sign that soon perhaps we will get rid of NFTs and the coins “ETH” and all that. Not long ago, it seemed like the only question that applied to any NFT, with or without a Corvette, was what the top price would be.

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