Anyone who denies global warming in a video on YouTube can no longer earn any money. The parent company Google decided that.

Google and YouTube exclude content that denies man-made climate change from advertising revenue. Around content that “contradicts the well-founded consensus around the existence and the reasons for climate change,” the Google Group announced on Thursday (local time) that advertisements should no longer be placed. In other ways, too, for example by paying for content, money should no longer be earned with such false information.

According to company information, the new regulation is directed against claims that information on climate change is fraud. The denial of global warming and the share of humanity in this development should therefore also be sanctioned.

“Important decision”

“Advertisers just don’t want to see their ads next to such content,” said the number one company in advertising on the Internet. The exclusion of climate change deniers from revenue, according to Google, is also related to its own efforts to become more sustainable and thus contribute to the fight against global warming.

The “important decision” by Google to turn off the money faucet producers of false climate information could “usher in a turning point in the climate denier industry,” said the campaign leader of the non-governmental organization Avaaz, Fadi Quran. Three weeks before the UN climate conference in Glasgow, fake news about climate change was booming.

“For years, misinformation about the climate has confused public opinion and hampered political action against climate change, and YouTube has been the weapon of choice,” criticized Quran. He urged other online platforms such as Facebook to do the same with Google and its video portal.

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