No Way Home” top movie of 2021

And also 29 more major films of the past year, according to users of the largest review aggregator."/>

Aggregator Rotten Tomatoes named the top 30 best movies of 2021 according to users. Topping the list is Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The blockbuster with Tom Holland and Zendaya outstripped the musical Dream High, the Questlove documentary Summer Of Soul, the Nicolas Cage drama Pig and Dog Power with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Top 30 in full:

1. “Spider-Man: No Way Home”
2. “At the height of a dream”
3. “Summer of Soul”
4. “Pig”
5. “The power of the dog”
6. “CODA: Child of Deaf Parents”
7. Raya and the Last Dragon
8. “West Side Story”
9. “A Quiet Place 2”
10. “Mitchells vs. Machines”
11. Suicide Squad
12. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
13. “Shalom, Daddy!”
14. “История The Velvet Underground”
15. “Truffle hunters”
16. “Where are you going, Aida?”
17. “Luka”
18. “Slalom”
19. “Get behind the wheel of my car”
20. “Program stereotypes”
21. “Brothers Sparks”
22. “Parallel Mothers”
23. “Strange daughter”
24. “Mayor”
25. “You and Me”
26. Mass
27. “Luccu”
28. “Game Replacement”
29. “Akasa, my home”
30. “Sabaya”.


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