No vaccination reaction – am I immune to corona?

No vaccination reaction and still immune? While some can barely move for days and complain of severe side effects such as headache, chills or fever after the corona vaccination, others do not even feel pain at the puncture site. But even if you don’t show any vaccination reaction – are you still protected? Or does the body develop fewer antibodies? That provides information Interaction between the innate and the acquired immune system.

First vaccination reaction from the innate immune system

The side effects after the corona vaccination are a sign that that the body fights against intruders. In the beginning, the so-called innate immune system is responsible for this: When the vaccine is injected, it reacts to the foreign bodies, but also to auxiliary substances such as stabilizers or active ingredient enhancers. Inflammation is the result – the immune system responds immediately, but the reaction is more generally directed against any intruders.


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Immune response from the acquired immune system

The body only develops specific protection against the coronavirus when the so-called acquired immune system also reacts. The impetus for this is provided by the innate immune system: the body learns over time, to form exactly the right antibodies and T cells – Killer cells that kill the infected cells in the body.

The acquired immune system itself does not trigger inflammatory processes, but it can intensify the processes initiated by the innate immune system. And this manifests itself in more or less severe side effects for some, but not for others. Why is still unknown to science: The exchange between the two immune systems is very complex and has not yet been adequately researched.

Man in light blue shirt with face mask receives vaccination in his upper arm


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No vaccination reaction, no effect against corona?

However, one thing is clear: Even those who do not show a vaccination reaction are just as well protected against infection with SARS-CoV-2 or a severe course of the disease like people who have severe side effects. This is also confirmed by the President of the German Society for Immunology, Christine Falk: Symptoms after a vaccination are “not an indicator of the strength of the vaccination protection,” she said. This was proven in the approval study for the vaccine by Biontech / Pfizer: 50 percent of the participants did not experience any side effects – 90 percent had developed immune protection against the coronavirus.

No vaccine reaction good or bad? Immune response also depends on age and gender

What has been observed so far is that the vaccine reactions are often less severe in older people, but stronger in women. That’s because the Immune system generally no longer as active in old age and people then develop fewer antibodies. Nevertheless, they build up immune protection against the coronavirus.



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The male sex hormone Testosterone, on the other hand, apparently plays a crucial role in the stronger vaccination reaction of women: It can have an anti-inflammatory effect and therefore save men from side effects. But even here it can be said: Those who do not show a vaccination reaction are still well protected against corona and immune to the virus to a certain extent.

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