No, the Rays don’t want to move to Nashville (despite rumors)

Today, the Nashville bid began to circulate as a possible destination for the Tampa Bay Rays. Why?

Tampa City Council member Charlie Miranda said senior officials of the Tampa Bay Rays had been chatting about Nashville being a possibility for the Rays to relocate. After all, the city of Tennessee is in the race for a franchise, whether through expansion or relocation.

It made a lot of noise and caught the ears of a little everyone at the town council. If the stadium plan doesn’t work in Tampa, Nashville would be considered as a full-time destination.

Remember that according to the official plan for shared custody, it takes a new stadium in Montreal, but also a new stadium in Florida.

But when it was released publicly, the Rays denied it. President Alex Auld says the only plan in place that can save the Rays is joint custody.

This is what Jeremy Filosa tweeted based on that text.

According to Miranda, the Rays are looking at several options in several cities.

Is the fact that they denied the news enough to convince you? Don’t forget that the Rays owner hid the negotiations with the Montreal group from everyone in 2014, according to the club’s other associates.

If Nashville wants to hope for a club, it will undoubtedly be through a process of expansion. After all, the Rays work with Montreal and the A’s should stay in the same time zone whether they move or not.

No, the matter has not finished talking.