no one knew but these foods make it worse

The reflux alarm focuses on the foods we eat because they can often exacerbate a problem in a pronounced way. Esophageal reflux is a rather annoying symptom. It occurs during the passage of acid from the stomach to the esophagus. This acid is needed to synthesize food but sometimes makes contact with the esophagus wall causing burning and terrible acid regurgitation.

Often it happens because after eating we lie down on the sofa or bed and the position does not favor digestion. Other times, however, they are almost a constant in our life so as soon as we have finished eating we perceive these rather annoying signals that also lead to pain and pangs in the stomach.

Therefore, more than an obstruction to the digestive system it means that we are ingesting foods that are indigestible. What remains to be done is to try to avoid certain foods as much as possible or at least limit their consumption. In the evening, in particular, we should eat lightly and not consume fatty foods.

Reflux alarm: foods that cause discomfort

Some foods are more prone to being indigestible and cause reflux alarm. The most dangerous are certainly fried foods that substantially weigh down the work of the digestive system. But at the same level, we can place acidic foods that relax the muscles of the esophageal sphincter causing an upward reflux.

Among other things, an acidic gastric and circulatory environment can cause a whole series of problems for the organism that can hardly be treated except with the intake of alkaline foods. We therefore avoid dips, spices and sauces that alter the PH and we prefer classic condiments with simple olive oil.

Unsuspected foods such as cheese, eggs, chocolate and other stimulants can also cause acid reflux. Foods rich in protein can be the cause of reflux because they take longer to synthesize. As a result, we may accidentally slow down or impair digestion by drinking, taking other food, or making strenuous physical exertion.

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Exciting foods like coffee, tea, and chocolate can cause stomach acid and trigger reflux. We do not always manage to tolerate food especially when we have a rather acidic general PH. Limiting the consumption of drinks and chocolate for a short time could be the solution.

Foods that prevent the onset of esophageal reflux

In general, the simplest, uncooked foods are also those that our digestive system is able to synthesize better and faster. However, attention must be paid to acidic foods such as, for example, tomatoes which can cause a reflux alarm in the weakest subjects. Cooking in foil – without adding spicy spices – or boiled are those recommended.

It goes without saying that every stomach has its own history so you should test foods at your own expense. Some products may be counterproductive for some while healthy for others. It depends a lot on your health and cooking habits. Improvising yourself as a lover of hot spices when you have never eaten them could be deleterious.



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