The National Weather Service (SMN) assured that it issued 45 alerts to National Civil Protection System, as well as to the governors of Hidalgo and the State of Mexico, on the storms that caused the overflow of the Tula river and that led to the death of 17 people in the IMSS hospital.

The director of the institute, Zoé Robledo, assured that the staff was not formally warned of the phenomenon and its potential.

However, since 2009 the Hidalgo Risk Atlas, published by the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred), already warned about the high vulnerability to flooding in Tula and the Mezquital Valley because of the overflow of the Tula river in the rainy season, mainly in September.

The National Water Commission (With water) informed MILLENNIUM that since 6 am last Monday it began to issue the alerts; in total, he sent 15 letters addressed to Civil protection and governors, as well as four weather bulletins and 26 Twitter alerts for the general public.

For its part, Alejandra Méndez Girón, holder of SMN, stressed that this body, dependent on the With water, works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and its main function is to monitor the prevailing meteorological systems, as well as their evolution, so be alertit was timely.

“In the case of Hidalgo, the information was sent through an official letter issued to the National Civil Protection System on Monday. An official letter was sent to him, bulletins and notices were sent to him, in total we have the support of 45 documents that were sent to warn about the system of storms that occurred ”, he affirmed.

While Luis Alberto Ortega, director of National Center for Communication and Operation of Civil Protection of the National Coordination of Civil Protection (CNPC), said that in addition to the information that is issued by the media, “in a state and local way they work with peripherals”, since brigades carry out tours to alert about possible risks.

Called from the municipality

The alert did reach the municipality of Tula, since even since Friday, September 3, the municipal presidency uploaded a statement addressed to the general public, warning about the increase in water from the Tula River, derived from the intense rains registered in the entity in recent days.

“The call is for the families that live near the riverbank to carry out a possible evacuation. According to Monitoring the With water, in the next few hours the water level will reach its maximum with the possibility of overflowing ”, stated the document.

It was even reported that the affected colonies could be Rancho Chapultepec, San Lorenzo and riverside in the Central Zone; Besides of Bridge of the Three Cultures and May 5 Bridge, so staff of Civil protection The laying of costaleras had begun on the banks of the river.

The Risk Atlas warned since 2009 that “the city of Tula is considered high risk due to overflow,” as well as the towns located on the immediate channel of the two arms of the tributary that run inside the urban area from south to north; while the medium risk area is located on both sides of the riverbed and in particular, “the downtown area of ​​the city, which turns out to be part of the plain flood ”.

He specified that the urban towns crossed by the Tula river, which are also at risk due to the overflowing of riverbeds are Ixmiquilpan, San Juan, Tulancingo, Metztitlan, and those that are located partially or totally in urbanized floodplains, such as the city of Tula, in addition to the towns located in wide agricultural valleys crossed by canals.


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