No one can tell me that the content and timing of TÜSİAD’s statement is well-intentioned.

HaberTürk writer Fatih AltayliPresident of Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) Orhan TuranHe criticized Sweden and Finland’s evaluations on NATO membership in terms of content and time. The aforementioned statements were made by the President and AKP Chairperson. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’Stating that he created the environment he was looking for, Altaylı said, “No one can tell me that the content and timing of this statement by TÜSİAD is well-intentioned.”

HaberTürk columnist Altaylı conveyed the following evaluations on the subject in his article today:

“Suddenly, the President of TÜSİAD made a statement that I think most of the Turkish people do not agree with, on a foreign policy issue, on a foreign policy issue that is not particularly relevant to him, regarding the membership of Sweden and Finland to NATO. And it created exactly the environment that President Erdoğan was looking for. He gave a great opportunity to Erdogan, who likes to get someone in the ring before each election period and send the message of a strong leader fighting power centers to his own base. On top of that, when Sweden’s pro-PKK attitude was added yesterday, a double bread kadayıf with cream was served for the government and pro-government journalists.

No one can tell me that the content and timing of this statement by TÜSİAD is well-intentioned. Both in terms of the subject he chose, the way the subject was handled, and the timing. No one can tell…”

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At the TÜSİAD YİK meeting, President Turan said, “We hope that the problems and demands expressed by Turkey regarding the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland can be resolved through negotiations, by developing mutual understanding and in accordance with the spirit of alliance.”

Erdogan’s response to Turan was not delayed; Stating that the policy implemented will not change until concrete steps come from Sweden and Finland on the NATO issue, Erdoğan said, “O gentleman at the head of TUSIAD, you cannot teach us a lesson in foreign policy. You are an apprentice. First you will know your place, who are you to give a lesson to the power? Why do we take a stand against Sweden and Finland in foreign policy? While terrorist organizations are roaming its streets, we will open our doors to them. O TUSIAD, you can stand with them, we will not leave the blood of our martyrs on the ground. If TÜSİAD continues with this course, it should never knock on the door of this government. You speak with whatever the CHP says to you. Your older brothers spoke like this, and you speak the same way. So, this door is open to those who take a local and national stance, and it is closed to those who do not take a local and national stance.

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