No more language barriers – innovative in-ear headphones

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WProbably everyone has experienced it before: You want to order an ice cream in the ice cream parlor or order something for dinner in the restaurant during your well-deserved vacation and fail because you don’t speak the local language. Even the question of the nearest bus stop quickly becomes a challenge. With earbuds that have an integrated, smart AI system, annoying language barriers are a thing of the past.

The most important languages ​​in the ear thanks to innovative technology

Although there are many linguistic talents who speak several languages, but not all people have such a gift. For this reason, it is helpful if you can use technical aids, for example on vacation, at an international conference or at a business meeting with participants who speak different languages.

The Mymanu Clik S earbuds developed by the British startup Mymanu can be such a tool. Here, a smart AI system has been integrated into wireless in-ear headphones, which is able to translate more than 37 different languages, either during a personal conversation or as part of a group chat via smartphone.

Unobtrusive translation technique

A big advantage of earbuds is that they are extremely inconspicuous. They can be seen in the user’s ear, but their translation services are only perceptible to whoever wears them. You have to hold other translation devices in your hand and hold them in front of the mouth of the person you are talking to, so to speak, like a microphone, in order to enable a translation and thus a conversation. This effort is not necessary with in-ear headphones. However, the mobile phone with a previously downloaded translation app is required to play the translation.

The latest generation of headphones are “all-rounders”

There are always new in-ears coming onto the market, which are equipped with more and more innovative technologies and are therefore becoming more and more powerful. With modern earbuds, you can not only translate foreign languages, you can of course also use them to listen to music in HD sound, accept phone calls and access SMS and other text messages.

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Modern in-ear headphones are also technically able to reduce ambient noise to an absolute minimum and clearly reproduce the voices of the person you are talking to. State-of-the-art headphones, for example, feature highly efficient high-fidelity audio and multi-microphone call technology. Thanks to sophisticated true wireless connection technology, annoying disconnections are now a thing of the past.

What is always an important factor with wireless headphones is the battery life. However, because the computing power to be provided for the translation is almost always provided by the smartphone, battery life of 30 hours is quite realistic and there is plenty of time to listen to music via the earbuds. If the in-ears are also waterproof, they are well suited for use during the daily sports program in the gym or for jogging in the forest or on the beach. Wearing comfort is also important here, because you move when you exercise and the earbuds should be shaped in such a way that you don’t lose them.

Understanding in times of Corona

How useful a translation function in headphones is is particularly evident in the corona pandemic, which means that the so-called non-verbal component is missing in conversations. A translation that is as accurate as possible and also includes technical terms is all the more important. This applies to conversation on vacation, but even more so to communication in a professional environment.

Even modern earbuds with a translation function usually use existing engines, for example the Google engine and the associated vocabulary. However, it is widely known that translations via Google Translator still need to be optimized.

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Versatile earbuds as travel companions for vacations

A long flight to your holiday destination, quiet moments on the hotel beach or a sales pitch with the locals, earbuds with a long battery life and integrated translation function are a real help in all of these situations. They are compact, fit in any pocket, rarely need to be charged and ensure that you are not hopelessly at the mercy of the foreign language.



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