No more fun: Kate Perry is back with a new image

Even if Katy Perry still made hit songs with a baby bump, musically things got a little quieter with us after the birth of daughter Daisy and because of her current Las Vegas show. Now the singer is back with a new dance track. However, she ditched the previously used colorful and flashy outfits for her new image.

Katy Perry reinvents herself (again)

In 2017 Katy Perry surprised with a cheeky hydrogen-bleached short hairstyle. The singer stayed true to the blonde for a long time on stage and in her videos for a long time – the time now seems to be over. Together with a star DJ Alesso The “I Kissed A Girl” star released the new song “When I’m Gone” on Monday. Katy Perry showed herself in the video from a side that was previously unknown to her. With long black hair, backround dancers, elaborate choreographies and sexy outfits, the mother-to-be also seems to be starting a new chapter musically. Does it remind you a bit in its wet look Kim Kardashians Outfit on the red carpet at the 2019 Met Gala.


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