No more European Championship or World Cup with Snoeks as a commentator: ‘A special closing at Wembley’

Despite the help of the local youth, Snoeks arrived much too late at the stadium. His colleague Arno Vermeulen provided commentary from the media center. “In the end we were on the road for five hours. I then did the second half completely soaked. I will not soon forget that adventure.”

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Although Snoeks commented on many historic matches, there is not a specific moment that he is proud of. In general, he is satisfied if he has read the game well and has already drawn the right conclusions during the game.

He had such a moment with the Netherlands-Ukraine of the last European Championship. He concluded that the 3-2 victory gave a greater sense of satisfaction than an easy 2-0 victory.

“I speak from experience, because I have played football myself. If you give away a 2-0 lead, but still win 3-2 in the nick of time, it gives a much more euphoric feeling than if you easily win 2-0 Incidentally, there are also a lot of people who find that total bullshit.”

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