No more 3-G: Travel to Italy with ease

From June 1st, travelers and holidaymakers will no longer have to present proof of corona when entering Italy. An order that previously applied to this expires today, Tuesday.

The 3-G rule for entry, i.e. the submission of a negative test result for the corona virus or a proof of recovery or corona vaccination, ends punctually at the beginning of the holiday season.

The government under Prime Minister Mario Draghi gradually relaxed the restrictions after the end of the Corona emergency at the end of March. 3-G proof is no longer required in gastronomy, at events or for tourist attractions.

Currently, people still have to wear masks on public transport, hospitals and care facilities. In the country with almost 60 million inhabitants, the number of confirmed corona cases has fallen in recent weeks. On Monday, the authorities reported just over 7,500 new corona infections within one day and around 60 deaths with the virus.



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