No matter what happens, my Carvolution Auto subscription costs the same every month

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Patrick Mondi travels a lot: he drives around 2500 kilometers a month. The 57-year-old lives in the agglomeration of Schaffhausen and needs the car to be flexible. Mondi has had a car subscription with Carvolution since May 2020 and drives a Fiat 500, which he affectionately calls “Knutschkugel”. “I need a vehicle to get from A to B, that’s all,” says Mondi about his choice. Nevertheless, he emphasizes: The Cinquecento is bigger than some would assume.

He used to buy or lease his cars too, but his current job situation and tight budget were the deciding factors for the subscription. “Because of my financial resources, I have to be able to plan with a fixed amount,” he admits. The car subscription has clear advantages here. “Carvolution put exactly what I need on my doorstep: clearly regulated, transparent and precisely tailored to my needs.”

Good to know: the subscription at a fixed price

With the Carvolution car subscription, all costs related to the car are included. Fully comprehensive and liability insurance, taxes, initial vignette, service and maintenance costs, costs for changing tires. Apart from refueling, everything is available at the agreed fixed price.

Usually he has a company car from his employer. Since this was not the case last year, the Schaffhauser first subscribed to the Fiat 500 for a period of six months and has since extended it. “After the subscription period has expired, I can cancel the contract on a monthly basis or adjust the subscription again to my needs.”

Car subscription: simple, flexible, inexpensive

A subscription car for a fixed monthly price! This is the revolutionary offer from Carvolution. The Swiss provider has a new car that is precisely tailored to personal needs. Taxes, insurance, even tire changes and service at the nearby garage are included. There are no nasty surprises and high bills for service and maintenance.

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If you like it to be comfortable and can calculate, you have a clear advantage with a Carvolution car subscription. In addition, the subscription duration can be set between 3 and 48 months and can then be canceled within a month.

Carvolution offers over 30 cars – from small cars for the city to premium SUVs or Tesla Model 3 – at a fixed price for private individuals and companies. Customers only have to drive their car, Carvolution takes care of the paperwork and the entire process.

If you are undecided, you can get one non-binding offer or use this quiz to find out whether the car subscription is a suitable solution.

Predictable costs

Before Mondi decided on the car subscription, he budgeted carefully. He has checked all options, he says. He also calculated the purchase of a cheap used car, leasing or buying a new car. But the uncertainty was too great for him.

“With the second-hand vehicle, I don’t know how long I can make ends meet without major maintenance costs. When buying or leasing, all the interest, insurance and maintenance are added in addition to the purchase. ” On the one hand, it was simply too expensive, but above all there were too many components that he could only include as an approximate budget item. “But I needed something solid. That’s how I came to Carvolution via detours. ” Here he estimates that the total costs for his car can be planned and therefore nothing should surprise him.

Good to know: “Car subscription beats buying”

When comparing purchase, leasing and subscription, Carvolution scores very well. The consumer magazine “Saldo” stated in the test in November 2020: “Car subscription beats purchase”. The subscription including insurance and maintenance is cheaper than buying or leasing a new car, says “Balance”.

In fact, a high write-off on the car must be taken into account when buying. In the case of purchase and leasing, the costs for insurance, maintenance and taxes are also borne by the owner.

Competent partner

The first contact with Carvolution was bumpy for Mondi. What was not due to the subscription provider, but to his professional situation. «I wanted the Carvolution car to bridge the trial period with my new employer until I received the company car. But I received a company car on the first day, ”the Schaffhauser looks back.

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“What now? I thought. Now I have a car subscription contract, which I no longer need and which causes hassle and expense to be canceled. ” But things turned out differently: Carvolution canceled the contract with no ifs or buts «and above all without a contribution to expenses», as Patrick Mondi emphasizes.

That was the beginning of a great business relationship. Because some time later, he decided to buy the Fiat 500 as a subscription. “I’ve been with us for more than a year now and I am extremely happy to have a competent partner by my side.”

Good to know: Carvolution learns from its customers

Carvolution was founded in 2018. As a start-up, you learn from your customers. The offer is characterized by a very high level of flexibility and all processes are geared towards simplifying the lives of customers with their cars. The Carvolution app, which can be used to manage the subscription, is also used for this purpose.

Mobility model of the future

Patrick Mondi and his family are currently considering whether to sell their second car and buy a second subscription from Carvolution. Because the car subscription is very attractive to him and now his youngest daughter also drives the Fiat 500.

“I think the subscription model definitely has a future in terms of individual mobility. In such a fast-moving world, a subscription makes sense. This gives you the opportunity to react quickly if your needs or your financial situation change. “

This is also against the background that the whole family can use the car. Or they can lend it to friends, “because the car subscription feels like it’s your own car,” says Mondi. This is also possible with Carvolution without the small print.

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Good to know: like your own car

With Carvolution there are no costs for additional drivers: it’s like having your own car. In addition, the car can be canceled monthly after the agreed subscription period has expired – or the subscription can be adjusted again according to needs. Carvolution offers subscriptions between 3 and 48 months.

Patrick Mondi unconditionally recommends the subscription model. Also for people who want to test new technologies such as hybrid or electric cars. Thanks to graduated running times, it can also be checked whether and how such a vehicle can be integrated into everyday life.

Your new car on subscription

Carvolution offers over 30 cars – from small cars for the city to premium SUVs or Tesla Model 3 – at a fixed monthly price for private individuals and companies. Customers only have to drive their car and Carvolution takes care of the rest.

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