No link between brain tumors and smartphone

The study is called “Mobi-Kids” and was conducted among 900 children, teens and young adults in 14 countries. “Our study provides no evidence of a cause and effect link between smartphone use and brain tumors in these people,” the authors write. This study did not have much media coverage, notes a Swiss epidemiologist who adds that if the conclusions had been positive, the study would have made a lot of noise, as reported by the Sunday newspaper.

In detail, the research participants are aged 10 to 24 and had a brain tumor between 2010 and 2015. Almost a quarter of them used a cell phone for more than ten years compared to half. in the 20-24 age group. To determine the risk of tumors, the researchers compared data from each cancer patient with data from controls of the same age, date of diagnosis, and from the same study area. This is the so-called case-control study method.

Even a protective effect?

Surprising, at least at first glance: cell phones even seem to protect users from brain tumors! The more they are used, the lower the risk of cancer. But after study, this “protective” effect is not proven.

Before “Mobi-Kids”, the “Interphones” study had raised doubts about the link between smartphone and cancer. But data on young people was incomplete. Even members of the Doctors for the Environment association, critical of mobile telephony, are delighted with the results of the study and the fact that the authors of “Mobi-Kids” cannot rule out a low risk.

No more risk with 5G

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Epidemiologist Martin Röössli and his collaborators recently showed that the frequency of brain tumors has remained constant despite the boom in cell phone use. Only the 70 and over age group has seen a marked increase in a decade.

And 5G technology is not going to be a game-changer. Due to the higher frequencies, less radiation can pass through the skin and reach the tissues of the brain.

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