No ISEE bonus of € 300, to all families immediately! Latest

Bonus no ISEE even in the current month. All families will be able to receive a contribution of 300 euros by submitting the application by 31 May 2022. Therefore, there is not much time available to take advantage of this opportunity.

After a long wait, we are finally here. Even if the confirmation arrived late, the 300 euro no ISEE bonus can now be requested. But what facilitation are we talking about? Of the popular Bonus PC.

The 2022 Budget Law, in truth, had tempered the discontent about a hypothesized lack of the € 300 PC Bonus, giving the okay to the second step of the all-Italian digitization program. However, the real concessions designed for private individuals were missing.

In a first phase, in fact, the priority on the activation of the no ISEE Bonus was given to companies, while all the families remained with a fistful of flies in their hands, at least until Infratel came forward.

The infrastructure and Telecommunications for Italy Spa, an in-house company for the Ministry of Economic Development, however, remedied the damage by making available to all families a Bonus without ISEE of 300 with the aim of facilitating the costs necessary for the activation of a fast internet connection.

And here is that the PC bonus may also be requested by families, without any capital or income limit. In other words, all households, obviously in possession of specific requirements, they will be able to access the € 300 Bonus regardless of the ISEE.

Keep an eye on the deadline: the date to mark on the calendar so as not to miss this delicious opportunity is that of 31 maggio 2022.

But let’s move on immediately to analyze what are the conditions to be met in order to benefit from Bonus without ISEE of 300 euros, how it works specifically and how to submit applications.

No ISEE bonus of 300 euros, a discount voucher for all families: here’s the news

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, the new PC Bonus close to expiration is part of a large project wanted by the Italian executive for the strengthening of the digitization program launched in the peninsula.

A large plan inaugurated in 2020 with the development of a measure deemed capable of encouraging the widespread diffusion of IT devices in Italy: a real Bonus PC designed to meet the economic needs of low-income families, unable to support the costs, very often onerous, related to the purchase of a personal computer.

The measure, however, was completely different from the current € 300 No Isee Bonus, always aimed at families. In fact, it guaranteed a discount voucher to be used when purchasing the PCbut only to households with ISEE values ​​below 20,000 euros.

E the amount was more than generous. Once the requirements were met, the beneficiaries could take advantage of one reduction on the list price of the new device purchased up to 500 euros.

The major novelty of the Bonus no ISEE of 300 euros concerns its operation. While the PC Bonus of the past years allowed the purchase of various devices (notebook, laptop, tablet), the Bonus expiring on May 31, 2022 no longer facilitates the purchase costs of these instruments.

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Bonus no ISEE, 300 euros to all families: how it works

We concluded the previous paragraph with a question to which we will immediately give an answer. If the PC 2022 Bonus without ISEE differs from that of 2020, then one naturally wonders how it works.

The 300 euro no ISEE bonus it can be requested by the end of May, otherwise known as Fast internet bonus, it completely moves away from the past measure in several respects.

First of all, it can be requested by all families regardless of the value of the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE).

Secondly, it it can only be used to activate an internet connection or to increase the speed of the one already available.

Attention to one particular: the discount will be applied to families only if a connection agreement with at least 30 Mbps download speed is stipulated. Thresholds lower than this lead to being excluded from the 300 euro no ISEE bonus.

Pc no ISEE bonus of 300 euros: to all families? Here is who it is and the requirements to be met

If you don’t have fast internet, or you just want to boost the download speed of a connection you already have, the € 300 Pc no ISEE Bonus is for you.

Like all bonuses that are active and available for request in 2022, however, not everyone will be able to access the facility. Who is it for?

Regardless of the ISEE, all families can take advantage of the discount up to 300 euros on the activation of a fast internet network.

Families will therefore be able to request it regardless of their income or balance sheet. This condition, however, should not be interpreted as an absence of constraints and rules, far from it: only by respecting the specific requirements will it be possible to obtain the Bonus without ISEE of 300 euros.

Something has already been anticipated: families will be able to take advantage of the 300 euro no ISEE Bonus only by signing a new contract for a fast internet connectionnot less than 30 Mbps in download.

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Another essential requirement concerns the duration of the contract itself which must be two years.

300 euro no ISEE bonus: little time for families? Latest news on the deadline

There is a date that families interested in the € 300 Pc Bonus must set in their diary. Several times in the course of the article we have mentioned the deadline of May 31, 2022.

Considering that the No ISEE bonus for fast internet is not yet active, one wonders what will happen at the end of the month. Nothing to do with the presentation of any questions to access the benefit, let’s clarify it immediately.

The public consultation opened by Infratel to collect the preferences of families on the fast internet bonus to be activated shortly will close on 31 May 2022.

In other words, Infratel submits a series of questions to those interested in the Bonus no ISEE. For example, you are asked if the 300 euros are sufficient, or the preferred delivery method.

Pending the activation of the Internet Bonus without ISEE, therefore, it is possible to send the answers to this sort of questionnaire to the address [email protected] by 31 May 2022.

All other information on the 300 euro no ISEE bonus for families land find it HERE.

Fast internet bonus, 300 euros for families without ISEE: when to send the questions?

The answer to the question “when to submit applications to access the 300 euro no ISEE Bonus” has already been provided in the previous paragraph.

No indication in this sense can be given to families interested in the contribution, since the implementing decree of the MISE is late in arriving. Only hypotheses can be put forward.

Since the PC Internet Bonus is managed by Infratel, the discount of 300 euros will most likely be applied at the moment. when the contract for the chosen fast connection is activated. A bit like the Internet Bonus designed for businesses.

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No ISEE bonus for all families: are they entitled to 300 euros? Here are the latest on the amounts

The actual amount that will be disbursed to the beneficiary families for the activation of a fast internet connection also remains uncertain.

The 300 euro no ISEE bonus indicated in the article comes from an average of the plans proposed by various providers operating in Italy.

According to the latest estimates made by Infratel, the 300 euro bonus will only cover half of the costs required for the activation of a fast network.

In short, there are still not many certainties on the amounts. The first official indications will emerge from the examination of the public consultation and from the judgment expressed by the European Union.



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