After the alleged poison attack on a campus of the Technical University in Darmstadt, the investigations are in full swing, the first witnesses are questioned. The victims are doing better now.

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The TU Darmstadt campus.


Darmstadt – After the alleged poison attack on a campus of the Technical University (TU) in Darmstadt, the investigators have no evidence of possible perpetrators or motives. “The first thing now is to hear witnesses,” said a prosecutor’s spokesman on Wednesday. So far there has been neither a letter of confession nor an attempt at extortion. Investigate in all directions and work closely with the TU.

A 40-member special commission investigates the suspicion of attempted murder. Seven people showed symptoms of intoxication on Monday. A 30 year old student was meanwhile in mortal danger. According to the investigators, several milk cartons and water containers had been mixed with a harmful substance.

Meanwhile, all victims no longer need to be treated in a hospital. “As far as we know, everyone is out of the clinic,” said a spokesman for the TU on Wednesday.

Investigators check who had access

The homicide squad wants to find the perpetrator (s) as quickly as possible. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the commission can be increased depending on the state of the investigation. It is currently also being checked who may have had access to building L201 on campus at the weekend.

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There is an older locking system on the building. It is not recorded who comes or goes when, said the TU spokesman. He couldn’t say how many people work there. There are no additional security measures on campus after the alleged attack. But there is an urgent appeal not to consume food stored there unattended.

The investigators do not say which substance led to the symptoms of poisoning. According to the information, this is the knowledge of the perpetrator. (APA/dpa)



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