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4640 Aargau residents have left unvaccinated – there have not yet been any reports of violations of the obligation to test

Anyone who has neither been vaccinated nor recovered and is traveling to Switzerland from abroad must take a second corona test after seven days at the latest. The canton of Aargau threatened at the end of September that it would punish violations – now it is focusing on prevention and is trying to inform those returning to travel about the obligation to test.

The fourth corona wave after the summer vacation was largely due to people who contracted the corona virus while on vacation abroad. In August there were days in Aargau when returnees made up half of all newly infected people.

So many people from Aargau got infected during the summer holidays


The Federal Council has therefore tightened the entry regime with a view to the autumn break. Since September 20, people who have not been vaccinated or have recovered have to show a negative corona test upon entry and take another PCR test or rapid antigen test within four to seven days. You must report the result of this second test to the canton within two days.

Unvaccinated people returning from the country must report the result of the second test to the canton after entering the country.

Sandra Ardizzone

An online form is available for this in Aargau. According to Matthias Gerth, Head of Communication of the cantonal Covid-19 program, 4640 test results have been reported to the canton since September 20 (as of October 21).

At the end of September, the canton announced in the Covid 19 newsletter that it would check whether travelers comply with the mandatory test. Violations would be punished. Matthias Gerth does not say whether there have already been advertisements. “We do not provide any information on ongoing proceedings,” he says. On request, the public prosecutor’s media office announced that “no such reports” had been recorded so far.

Canton contacts holiday returnees preventively

Matthias Gerth also emphasizes that the canton is focusing on prevention. He receives from the federal government a list of those who have entered the country who have not been vaccinated and have not recovered and would therefore have to take a second test. The Covid-19 program tries to contact as many of these people as possible before the deadline of four to seven days “in the sense of raising awareness” and to point out the obligation to test, says Matthias Gerth.

Last year, when returnees still had to be quarantined depending on the country from which they came, the cantonal medical service cracked down on them much more severely. The staff at the contact tracing center compared the lists of passengers with those who had reported. Anyone who did not report in due time, although they were on the list, was reported.

It was later revealed that hundreds were wrongly reported. By mid-November 2020, the public prosecutor had issued a non-handling order in 256 of 309 cases. The reported offense was not fulfilled.

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