NMBS to laser train windows for better reception of mobile internet – IT Pro – News

Oh well anyway I don’t like our Dutch trains as much, it is all becoming too modern and seats are becoming less conformable.

The real trains for me were still the Hondekop (maybe older also known but I can’t remember), the thing made a loud humming noise driving away, squeaked and creaked with the brakes that your ears went deaf but driving always did or no weather.

Then the ddar/ddm could still be there, with its cool 1700 locomotive.

And the sgm may also be there, even when it was later made a bit more modern (original
completely yellow).

Then only the icm nostalgia remains, although I read that they are now also slowly being phased out.

I don’t like the rest that came after that, the virm and the sprinters SLT, flirt / sng and soon perhaps new intercity.
It’s just too modern a whistling sound it flies away, and not to talk about comfort of the seats.

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