NL: They protest the femicide of María Fernanda Contreras; They accuse authorities of negligence

Dozens of women protested in front of the Government Palace of Nuevo León and the State Prosecutor’s Office to ask for justice for the femicide of María Fernanda Conteras Ruíz, after the dependency confirmed his death after a search carried out on April 7 in the Ex Hacienda Santa Rosa neighborhood

The case has caused a stir in the society of New Leon, due to the complaints made on social networks, in which they point out that the authorities were omitted, despite the fact that the parents located by GPS the area near the building where the lifeless body was finally found. According to the institution, the cause of death was a deep skull contusion.

According to this version, after reporting Fernanda’s disappearance on April 3, the parents used the geolocation of her phone to find a location where They remained for 24 hours, without the authorities showing up.

It was four days later when they conducted the search which led to the location of the lifeless body of the young woman, who was 27 years old at the time of her murder.

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After his 2017 Mazda 3 car was located on April 6 on Jazmín Street, The authorities carried out a search operation that included the search of three buildings.

The family pointed out that the last time they heard from the young woman was that same Sunday, between 8 and 9 p.m., when he called them to tell them that he was on his way back, after having gone to the municipality of Apodaca to buy a vehicle.

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In addition, María José Ruíz, María Fernanda’s cousin, assured local media that the authorities detained a person as a suspect, but They let her go due to lack of evidence and today she is a fugitive.

Another claim is that the Prosecutor’s Office issued the search file until Monday, April 4. “They had the location since Monday, if they had taken my cousin out on Monday, she would still be alive. They removed my cousin’s body from the same location that was given to them since Monday.” Ruíz assured in statements collected by the portal ABC News.

The governor of Nuevo Léon, Samuel García, assured in his account of Twitter what He did not say anything before because “in the face of a missing woman, words are superfluous.”

He pointed out that he has been in contact with the Prosecutor’s Office since the first day and that it will do what is necessary “so that the full weight of the law falls on those responsible.” “To the family and friends of Maria Fernanda, from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry,” he said.

The influence Mariana Rodríguez Cantú, wife of the president, assured on her Instagram account that she had “mixed emotions” about the death of María Fernanda.

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She assured that she was angry because she does not know what a person should have in mind to decide to take the life of another. She pointed out that “being a woman has become a risk in this country and it shouldn’t be like that”.

He said he was sad for the family, who must feel “anger and sadness” because there is nothing to repair his loss. He also asked the State Prosecutor’s Office to reach “until the last consequences.”



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