NL: In one week plus 77 percent for new infections

The omicron variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the Netherlands despite the current lockdown. In the past seven days, more than 200,000 new infections have been registered – more than ever before. Compared to the previous week, this is an increase of more than 77 percent, the responsible health institute RIVM announced today.

The wave has not yet made itself felt in the hospitals. The number of Covid 19 patients reportedly decreased again. However, the decline is slowing compared to the previous week, it said. This also applies to deaths.

Almost half of the new infections affected people between the ages of 15 and 29. According to the RIVM, the high number of new infections is also noticeable – around 13 percent of those affected were infected before. The 7-day incidence is now 1,147. For comparison: In Austria, the number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants last rose to 761.9 in seven days.


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