Nissan Qashqai 4×4 in the test: Good for the mountain and the winter there

The more powerful version of the Qashqai is available with a six-speed gearbox and with a continuously variable automatic – and only this version is available with all-wheel drive.

In the 4×4 version, there is the driving program knob in the center console, with which you can choose between road, mountain and snow roads. In addition to the all-wheel drive, this also changes the steering, accelerator pedal character and shift strategy of the automatic. It works well and we tested it on the mountain last winter. Naturally, this fits together perfectly: 4×4 and the mountain, plus snow as a base. The all-wheel drive brings the Qashqai safely around corners and over half-height snowdrifts. Creates a better ride when conditions call for it.

Known privately

Overall, my verdict on the revised Qashqai is very positive: I have been driving the car (privately) for six years, the new version has become more angular and is too distinctive for me personally.

But a lot has happened with the display, it now stands alone on the dashboard and has become contemporary, but above all it is easier to use. Much more electronics and assistance functions stand out, you have to get used to that.

Otherwise, the new Qashqai keeps what it has always promised: good operation, lots of space, a very good price. The 4×4 is available from: 41,858 euros.

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