Nintendo Switch Sports: AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Support Notice Spotted

This weekend is the online play test for the newly announced Nintendo Switch Sports instead of. While the test is of course primarily about the gaming experience, an attentive Twitter user has now found a clue that promises interesting news for the Nintendo Switch beyond the gaming experience.

Twitter user NWPlayer123 took a close look at the downloadable trial licenses and found a post from AMD discovered. This refers to the use of FidelityFX Super Resolutionchip manufacturer’s technology (FSR). This is a new one Upscaling-Technologiewhich are known as competition to the Deep Learning Super Sampletechnology (DLSS) from Nvidia. Like the competition, the AMD technology should enable significant performance gains. Unlike Nvidia DLSS, no special hardware is required for this. While DLSS relies on built-in AI support components for upscaling, FSR can be implemented on most devices without a hardware upgrade.

Of course, the new license has fueled speculation about the future of Nintendo Switch hardware. Nintendo’s hybrid console is known to rely on Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chipset. So far, rumors about a possible Nintendo Switch Pro have always been about support for DLSS. The reference to the use of FSR in Nintendo Switch Sports can be interpreted as a sign that Nintendo is currently looking for ways to do without a hardware upgrade Performance of the hybrid console to increase.

Although the reference to the use of AMD technology is quite clear, it must be said at this point that it is currently only unconfirmed rumor acts. Only after the release of Nintendo Switch Sports will the facts be finally clear.

How do you rate this web find? Do you think AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology could see more use in new Nintendo Switch games?

Twitter (@NWPlayer123)

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