Nintendo Switch reaches milestone: 110 million units sold!

At some point, the best-selling console of all time will no longer be the PlayStation 2. The current hardware ratings for the Sales week from July 3rd to 9th, 2022 state that the Nintendo Switch has sold 292,826 units worldwide. This means that the hybrid console has been at since its launch on March 3, 2017 110.10 million units sold.

How did the other consoles sell? According to the current list of came the PlayStation 5 to 178,808 units sold and has been included since release 21.03 million copies sold worldwide. The Xbox Series X/S performed slightly worse, selling 154,407 units in the previous week. Since the release, the Selling the latest Xbox console over 15.61 million units globally.

PlayStation 5 performs worse than PlayStation 4

The current delivery situation is making the sales of the PS5 difficult. That’s 22,000 fewer consoles than the PS4 in the same post-release comparison period. The Xbox Series X/S is a “best seller” over the Xbox One with an increase of 57,000 units.

Nintendo Switch has also slipped. Compared to the previous week, sales fell by 10.8 percent and those of the PS5 by 15.6 percent. Only the Xbox Series X/S was able to increase compared to the previous week by a whopping 26.2 percent.

Nintendo Switch & Co: So many consoles were sold in 2022

Not getting a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S? Never mind, you are not alone! Since the beginning of the year, worldwide (!) only 4.06 million units the PlayStation 5 sold. It doesn’t look much better on the “green side of the coin” either. the Xbox Series X/S could in the current year 3.96 million units to sell. Switch is significantly more “successful” with 8.22 million units.

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will be almost the same in 2022. – (C) Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony – Overlay

The current Nintendo console will soon catch up with the PS4. The lifetime sales of the previous PlayStation console are 116,956,601 console units sold. This would catapult the Switch to number 4 on the list of the world’s best-selling game consoles. Other Nintendo handhelds are in third and second place: Game Boy with 118.69 million and Nintendo DS with 154.9 million units sold. The PlayStation 2 has been in first place for decades with 157.68 million consoles sold worldwide.

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A realistic chance for the gaming console throne: The Switch console could therefore replace the PS2 in 2 to 4 years with another 47.58 million units sold, depending on availability. Provided the support from Nintendo doesn’t break off. With Bayonetta 3 and Splatoon 3 coming soon, however, it doesn’t look like it.



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