Nintendo “Switch Pro”: New controller patent surfaced

Will it be a Switch Pro or even a Switch 2? – 5 years after the release of the current Nintendo console is a new patent for a neuen Nintendo Switch-Controller leaked. As early as 2021 there were several rumors that a “Switch Pro” was in the works at Nintendo. This resulted in the OLED model that came out in October last year.

Yet another Switch model? In addition to the standard version from 2017, there was a smaller revision in 2019, as well as the Lite in the same year and the OLED model last year. The weak point of the console? The Joy-Con controllers and the infamous “stick drifting” problems.

“Drift” in Joy-Con controllers means when a controller reads input from the analog sticks without the player moving them. And that happens very often to Switch users! Everyone can probably imagine that this problem in the game is not particularly “cool”. Whether it’s Mario Kart driving or a shooter, it’s frustrating when the video game protagonist doesn’t do what you tell it to do. After the OLED model would also use the same controllers for compatibility reasons, fans’ attention turned to the Switch Pro/Switch 2, which is still in the room.

Switch Pro/Switch 2: Patent controller doesn’t look like a Joy-Con!

SillyTweet5 on Twitter appears to have spotted and shared a patent for a new Nintendo Switch controller filed in 2021 and released in January 2022. Apparently the patent comes directly from Nintendo.

The shared screenshot looks more like the current Switch Pro Controller than the console’s Joy-Cons, and features an illustration of a more rounded design with a description of the controller’s case design. However, some Twitter users were skeptical and said it looked more like an “arcade controller” (Nintendo Switch Online).

Not the first patent that didn’t work out

Nintendo brings many hardware patents. Most of these fizzled out and never made it to market. Sometimes these patents are filed for a concept or a specific mechanic rather than a final design, and in this case they may have been filed for the new case structure and circuit layouts that could always be carried over to the next generation of Nintendo devices.

The only thing that is certain is that fans are excited about new Nintendo hardware. Regular patent filings indicate that Nintendo is always working on new designs and improvements. Hopefully the company can learn from mistakes like the Joy-Con drift and do a lot better with the Switch Pro/Switch 2.

The Nintendo Switch console is available now. A possible Switch 2 is not expected by insiders before the end of 2023/2024.

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