Nintendo Switch: a crazy new feature to make your life easier

Nintendo Switch: a crazy new feature to make your life easier

The Nintendo Switch very often offers accessible games, it’s a fact, but Big N has decided to go even further. Much, much further.


We can’t stop progress. AI is everywhere and will soon replace everyone. But while waiting for the last judgment, it serves us above all as a tool. A tool that is already particularly powerful. Just look two seconds ChatGPT, able to write cobblestones and code instead of brave workers, or all those AI who manage to create works of art without any artistry (and no soul). And AI is of interest to everyone, even Nintendo.

Crazy AI on Nintendo Switch?

After the big fashion of NFTs all the way (look what happens with Final Fantasy 7), the whole industry now wants its AI and it’s Big N who will enter the dance first with NintendoGPT, an AI assistant who can do almost anything for you. Impeccable.

This AI assistant can indeed make your life much easier and much more.
The NintendoGPT can indeed give you the solutions of your favorite games on request and in real time, add content in a jiffy and even modify the games according to your needs. The dream, no? No ? Alright, you’re right.

It’s fake, but AI is well used in industry

It is obviously an April Fool offered by our comrades at Nintendo Actu. AI may be on the rise and is slowly starting to freak us all out, this technology is not yet part of the functionality of our home consoles and that’s not a bad thing.

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At the moment, the AI ​​is in full development, but learns very quickly. Several industry players, such as Ubisoft for example, claim to want to look into the subject to use AI during the production phases, to facilitate the work of development teams, to help them find ideas , etc. Other developers are also taking advantage of the power of AI to create content if they don’t have the manpower to do it themselves. Whether it’s coding, writing procedurally generated dialogues or sketching and concept art. This is particularly the case for several independent productions, such as Bleak Faith Forzaken for example, which claims to have used AI to generate concept art on the go.

For the moment, therefore, professionals are gradually taking an interest in it, but until the AI ​​accompanies us during our gaming sessions, we still have time to see what is coming. It’s already hard to have truly intelligent AI teammates in-game, so an assistant capable of modifying games on the fly…

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