Nintendo Indie World: the new indie games to keep an eye on

In 20 minutes, Nintendo reviewed a large number of video games that are going to arrive on its hybrid console in the coming months, but also some proposals that are going to be released in 2023. With almost 20 experiences from independent studios, Indie World showed titles that have the ability to interest all kinds of players. But what are those that need to be closely watched?


The video game developed by Doinksoftalso responsible for Gato Roboto, is a platform side-scroller that is postulated as an action and adventure game with noir-punk aesthetic. The protagonist is a detective who carries his weapon -an umbrella- through all the screens and who must improve to get to the center of his mystery.

From the hand of the distributor return typel, Gunbrella is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Gunbrella by Doinksoft and Devolver Digital
Gunbrella by Doinksoft and Devolver Digital

Another Crab’s Treasure

With the success of Elden Ring constantly being mentioned in the media, it seems that a souls-like genre title cannot fail. Much less if it tells the story of a hermit crab that faces titanic enemies in search of his shell. This comic twist – with an environmental conservation editorial – ensures several hours of fun in 2023 under the ocean created by the studio Aggro Crab.

Another Crab's Treasure de Aggro Crab y Kowloon Nights
Another Crab’s Treasure de Aggro Crab y Kowloon Nights

Batora: Lost Haven

For those people who played Hades (Supergiant Games), Batora: Lost Haven it has an aesthetic and a narrative hook that will be mesmerizing. The isometric view RPG mixes hack-and-slash style with a shooting game and tells the story of a female protagonist who must use her powers to save her home planet. However, her moral decisions during her experience will open up more skill trees and ultimately decide what happens in the story.

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Batora: Lost Haven will be released in the third quarter of 2022.

Announcement of Batora (Team 17)
Announcement of Batora (Team 17)
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Spiral Circus Games was encouraged to a black and white game with a dark story under the ocean. Silt invites players to explore an underwater universe where strange machines and ancient ruins can be found. Although you can only navigate in low light on the maps, the creatures and enemies hide in the shadows, ready to surprise the protagonist who must survive until he understands what is hidden in the plot of Silt.

Slit will be released on Nintendo Switch during the month of June.

Silt de Spiral Circus Games y Fireshine Games
Silt de Spiral Circus Games y Fireshine Games

Idol Manager

Although it did not get a highlight at Nintendo Indie World and was part of the flash gallery that concluded the broadcast, Idol Manager it must be taken in care. The captivating simulation game from the PLAYISM studio presents the objective of managing a talent agency for pop artists and going through all the difficulties with a visual novel aesthetic. As a manager, players will have to worry about the press, rival groups and scandals that can affect the careers of young idols.

The game is already available on PC, but will have a new air after the launch on Nintendo Switch in August of this year.


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