The commissioner of Bureau for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (Nmead), Nino Correa, reported this afternoon that a hurricane hunter plane is heading towards the tropical wave to collect information on this atmospheric phenomenon that threatens to affect Puerto Rico like a storm in the early hours of Thursday.

Originally, the government was expected to announce preparations for the possible passage of the storm at noon today. However, it was reported that the National Weather Service (SNM) had some questions about the phenomenon, such as where most of the rains are concentrated and their intensity, in order to have an accurate forecast and, therefore, activate contingencies.

The official stressed that the threat posed by the tropical wave is far from being compared to the one posed by the catastrophic island. Hurricane Maria in 2017.

He indicated that at the moment what they contemplate is a large phenomenon, with about 400 miles of extension, which can cause between three to six inches of rain and gusts with storm force for the moment when you are closer to the island.

The official indicated that, for the moment, people should, at least, review their family plans for an event of heavy rain, which could cause flooding in vulnerable areas.

“We know that water is going to come. We do not want a comparison of the situation with Maria, because this is not the case, “said Correa at a conference in which it was initially announced that the governor would attend, an issue that did not materialize. The commissioner indicated that the president will possibly participate in the report on the preparations to be made in the afternoon.

Correa added that, as they receive the information that the hurricane hunter will collect, they are working on the shelters, the inventories they need to attend an emergency like this and the particular situation of some towns in the southwest of Puerto Rico where aftershocks are still being recorded. tremors of january this year and traditional shelters were disabled.

Correa stressed that they are also working with the social distancing measures that would have to be followed if shelters are opened when the peak of the season begins.