Ninel Conde returned to the stage, and last night yesterday offered the first show of his tour ‘Sweet rebirth’, with which you will visit some cities in the United States. However, it seems that the problems and legal scandals in which she has been involved because of, her now ex-partner, Larry Ramos, they did affect her professionally, because although she had announced her tour with great fanfare, it did not start as expected.

And, according to information released by ‘Gossip No Like’, Ninel appeared in a small bar in Milwaukee, where they met just 125 people.

In the images shared in the official account of the program, part of the show that Conde offered can be seen, which consisted of a few musicians and two dancers who accompanied her; yes, he had time to toast and sing with the little public.

But, apparently, Ramos would not have been the only culprit of the failure of the singer, also her most recent union with Lorenzo MendezWell, let’s remember that a few months ago, Ninel signed a contract with the company of Chiquis Rivera’s ex, and he has only gotten her presentations, supposedly, in the bars of her friends.

Tonight, El Bombón Asesino will present its show in Illinois, at a seafood restaurant called Mi Vallarta, a concert that is expected to have a larger audience.

Ninel Conde tour 2021


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